Dear Santa

When I was little my favorite this to write do at Christmas time was to write a letter to Santa. Of course I always asked for a pony. Now that I have one, it’s still easy to think of things that we all wish we could have. More ponies (obviously), a new saddle, just about anything to add to the growing tower of horse things that us equine owners all seem to have. This year my list consisted of items all for Axcent, big surprise there. If my letter to Santa was all about my horse, I wondered what Ax would really ask for…


Mr. Clause Santa,

Hey big guy! Can I call you Santa? We are friends right? I’m going to call you Santa. Anyway, I have been VERY good to my new mommy this year (she thinks I am a Prince!) so I should be on the nice pony list. But if I’m not, you can bring some apples anyway. I have a small list of things I would like for my impeccable behavior.

1. Apples
2. Carrots
3. Peppermints
4. Treats
5. Cookies
6. More friends (I love friends)
7. ANY saddle pad that isn’t pink or purple (I am NOT a fan of girly colors)
8. A letter to my mom telling her that even though SHE is cold, that doesn’t mean that I am
9. And she should give me more treats
10. More snow to play in (I love that stuff!)
11. Treats
12. Treats
13. Don’t forget the treats



From our barn to yours, Merry Christmas!

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