ADA Blog Hop: Tack Essentials

Man do I love these blog hops! This one is from a blog I just discovered, Auf der Autobahn, and her hop is asking us to…“share your equipment essentials, from protective boots to bridles, saddles and saddle pads, breastplates to bits.”

Saddle – Like I mentioned in my last post, my mother (thank you shout out to Momma Cole!) and I recently purchased a new saddle for the Ax monster. I have never really been a snob when it comes to saddles because I never had a horse that was easy to fit (does anyone?) and I had to take what I could get. This new one is an old/borderline ancient Dover Circuit. While it may not be my dream saddle, it fits Ax really well and gets the job done.

Girth – Another thing that I am not super picky about. Because Ax is such a sweat hog, he has a leather/fuzzy girth to soak up all of his bodily secretions.The best part is that the fuzzy part comes off to be thrown into the wash so it doesn’t smell like year old sweaty gym socks.

Half Pad – I have a few of these and it is something I am VERY pick about. My favorite is a tie between my EcoGold Flip Half Pad and my Ogilvy half pad. I also have the traditional sheepskin half pad, though it doesn’t get much use anymore.

PicMonkey Collage3
EcoGold Flip Half Pad (left) and Ogilvy Equestrian Jumper Half Pad (right)

Saddle Pad – I have a TON of these, mostly because Ax sweats through one per ride. I prefer baby pads to normal saddle pads, but I use both.

Boots – I recently found a pair of Equifit T-Boot Open Fronts for a darn good deal (yay eBay!) and LOVE them! Ax is a bit of a klutz in the hind so he wears a pair of Roma Magnetic Fetlock Boots to scuff up.

BitSince Ax has such a soft mouth, I ride him in a Happy Mouth snaffle. I have both the King Dee Pro Double Jointed snaffle and the Double Jointed Racing Dee snaffle and have yet to notice a difference between the two other than looks.

PicMonkey Collage4
King Dee versus the Racing Dee

Bridle – I love my Rodrigo Pessoa Fancy Stitched Padded Bridle so much that I bought a second one strictly for showing, a year after I bought my schooling one (both of which I got a crazy deal on!).

Martingale – Whenever I am doing over fences work I use a standing martingale.

Halter – I had to add this in because I received the 5/A Baker halter as a gift (thank you shout out to Daddy Cole!) and Ax looks like an adorable stud muffin in it.


What are some of your tack essentials?


3 thoughts on “ADA Blog Hop: Tack Essentials

  1. I love the Pessoa bridles! For a while, I wondered why everyone was so into Equifits, until I touched them. OMG. I need them, they are so squishy. Glad you got a deal on some!


  2. so nice to meet you via the blog hop, and so happy you participated. i LOVE learning what everyone uses, especially when it’s covetable goodies like your equifits and ecoold!


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