10 Questions of September

I love these kind of posts because I get to answer random questions on things that no one thinks to ask. Another ten questions thanks to Viva Carlos! And another post that I am doing in the wrong month, oh well.


  1. Is there something you don’t like about your riding?
    • Ugh, where do I start? On the flat, I have the tendency to tip my upper body too far forward and over-post Ax’s über-lofty warmblood trot. Over fences is probably where I need the most work. When I get nervous I jump with my shoulders instead of waiting for the fence and I like to take the long spots or hold right to the base, no in-between.
  2. Does your horse buck? 
    • Yes, but never to be naughty. It’s usually only after a fence, during a flying change, and every now and then if he is being playful. He will buck definitely when I free-lunge or let him loose in the ring. There is plenty of sassy bucking pony in him.
  3. Is your horse head shy?
    • No, thank goodness.
  4. Favorite barn chore to do?
    • Making up grain. I feel like a good mommy making dinner for my horsey children.
  5. How many times do you ride a week?
    • I aim for five times a week, but realistically I only ride three, maybe four, times a week. Whenever I don’t get to ride, I try to at least groom or lunge.
  6. Who is your favorite pro rider?
    • I’m not sure that I have an absolute favorite. I love Beezie because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t?
  7. If one pro rider could train you for one day who would it be?
    • Anyone. I volunteer as tribute to anyone! Someone who can make my irrational fear of “big jumps” disappear.
  8. Favorite Facial Marking?
    • While I have never had a horse with one, I think a blaze on a big bay is handsome. Though, I do love Ax’s half-blaze, crooked-stripe, one-nostril-snip combination.
  9. Leg Markings or No Leg Markings?
    • Yes, but they have to be in pairs, so two hinds, two fronts, all four, or none at all. My inner OCD needs things to be symmetrical.
  10. Ever broken anything falling off?
    • Knock on wood, not yet. *literally knocks on nearest wood object* But I have had some undiagnosed damage to my tail bone.

Read last month’s questions and answers here.



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