September Evaluation & October Goals

Month one of my goals has come to an end, and, boy oh boy, was it harder than I thought it would be. As expected, I did not complete all of my goals. Some of them I didn’t even come close. Lucky for me, there are plenty more months left to try again.

September Evaluation:

  • Get Ax back in shape. – I knew that this one wouldn’t be just a month-long thing. He is already looking a little better, but he is obviously not back to where he was before. I would have to be a miracle worker for that to happen in the span of a month.
  • Get myself back in shape. – Another one that will take longer than a month. Enough said.
  • Ride at least four days a week. – I actually didn’t do too bad on this one. There was one week that I got piled with classwork and such, so not much riding was done then, but other than that I killed this one.
  • Oil the crud out of my saddle. – Although I technically didn’t my saddle, I conditioned it almost every time I rode. Thankfully, it squeaks a whole lot less now.
  • Push myself and overcome my fears. – I knew that this was going to be the hardest and probably the longest. This goal will most likely be for every month for the rest of my life, but hey, at least I’ve got some time to work on it.


“Don’t wait until you’ve reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take toward reaching that goal.” – Unknown.

Now, my goals for October:

  • Get Ax back in shape. Yes, this one is staying.
  • Get myself back in shape. So it this one.
  • Ride at least three days a week. Even though I accomplished this one last month, I am changing it a bit. I am getting even busier now that BCET is in season, and that causes my riding time to become even more limited, so I am making my minimum three days instead of four so I still get my butt in the saddle.
  • Wash my saddle pads. Because I have around five dirty ones sitting my tack trunk right now and I have to make myself do it somehow.
  • Body clip Ax. Time to break out the body clippers.This time last year Ax wasn’t as wooly-booly as he is now and I clipped him at the end of the month, so he is definitely do.
  • Get rid of Ax’s thrush. In all my years of owning horses I have never had a horse get thrush, but since it rained and was pretty wet last week, Ax has managed to change that. Now, I get to cover myself in purple Thrush Buster and make a mess to get rid of it.
  • Let go. I mean this in the most literal way. Lately, I have picked up the habit of holding whatever horse I am on to the base of the fence causing a chip or an awkward jump because the horse can’t use his neck. So, I literally need to LET. GO.
  • Start taking my stirrups away for bits at a time. No Stirrup November is coming and I wan’t to still have legs by December.
  • Push myself and overcome my fears. Because this one isn’t going away anytime soon.


8 thoughts on “September Evaluation & October Goals

  1. Sounds like your making progress! Good for you. I remember many years ago and sister and I got new saddles. My dad put a couple of saw-horses with blankets in the TV room. We were only aloud to sit on our saddles while watching TV, to help break them in. 🙂


  2. Great goals! Beware the thrush buster-definitely look in the mirror after using. I always end up with it somewhere random like my nose and it’s HARD to get off.


  3. Thank you for the inspiration to create monthly goals and post them on my blog!! Better focus next month 🙂 Also, instead of multi tasking.. become zen and enjoy completing one task at a time.. you may find peace in doing so… alert all the 5 senses and fully embrace in completing one task.. maybe ill inspire you 🙂 Cheers


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