October Evaluation & November Goals

October proved to be much easier than September was…

October Evaluation:

  • Get Ax back in shape. – I am officially crossing this one off! Ax is back to looking like the horse he was before the summer. Obviously it is something to continue working on, but I feel like I can take it off my list. Now to KEEP him this way.
  • Get myself back in shape.
  • Ride at least three days a week. – I kind of set this goal knowing I would meet it, but sometimes the little things need to be recognized.
  • Wash my saddle pads. – Mission accomplished.
  • Body clip Ax. – Wahoo! I am super excited about crossing this one off. I am a clip-aholic, so I jumped right on this one and did it at the beginning of the month. Ax is now happily naked!
  • Get rid of Ax’s thrush.Man-oh-man am I glad this stuff is GONE. Thankfully it was relatively easy to get rid of and only took a few days (thanks to my boyfriend who went up to the barn to take care of it on those busy days). No more purple thrush buster for me! *knocks on wood*
  • Let go. Still let go. – This one definitely needs to be crossed off and then rewritten. I have managed to let go a lot more since I made these goals (I even have photo proof!), but I still need work. Especially since the broken finger situation has temporarily put a halt to my over fences schooling.
  • Start taking my stirrups away for bits at a time. No Stirrup November is upon us and I am so NOT ready for it. I did take my stirrups away every now and then while riding, but probably not as much as I should have.
  • Push myself and overcome my fears. Because this one STILL isn’t going away anytime soon.

Have to keep the Giant all snugglybuggly in his new quarter sheet 😍

November Goals:

  • Get myself back in shape. – Yup, this is staying…again.
  • Push myself and overcome my fears. – Because this one STILL isn’t going away anytime soon.
  • No Stirrup November. – I am going to TRY (key word is try) to participate without my legs falling off or hurting my horse’s back. I have a few opinions about the whole NSN fad, but that is for another blog post…(hint hint).
  • Keep Ax in shape. – Now that Ax is looking like a stud muffin again, the next step is to maintain it. That means I need to keep riding even though it is arctic outside.

Even though I only gave myself four things to accomplish this month, I am pretty sure it is going to be the hardest month so far. Bring it on November


5 thoughts on “October Evaluation & November Goals

    1. Definitely! Sometimes making even smaller goals to chip away at such a big one is helpful for me.

      (For example: finish my thesis is a big goal. Every day I write down what I’m going to do that day to approach it!)


  1. nice job in october! and ambitious goals looking forward. i definitely struggle with fear and letting go too, and find that they’re related (at least for me)… good luck!


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