No Stirrup November: Week Two

This year I have decided that I will be participating in the infamous No Stirrup November, but I am not dropping the irons for every ride for the entire month. Instead, I am following my own rules for the sake of my horse and myself.

Week by week, I will be documenting my adventures in NSN, feel free to join in or just follow along. Check out week one!

Welcome to No Stirrup November, week two.

Saturday, November 8th

  • Today was another BCET IHSA show. Since losing your stirrups in the show ring without being asked to isn’t suggested, I kept my irons. I did have to ride my you-know-what off  in my flat class though, so it wasn’t just an easy day.

This little appy may have made me change my opinions on them. He was easily the most comfortable horse I have ever ridden and absolutely perfect 😊And then there was this guy who was determined to make me ride my ass off.

Sunday, November 9th 

  • Another day off. (I know. I am not doing so hot this week.) Smartpak was having a sale and I had a jacket to return, so I did some pony shopping instead. I mean really, no stirrups or horsey retail therapy…what would you choose? (P.S. I FINALLY bought a pair of Pipers, so keep an eye out for a review soon!)

Monday, November 10th – Day 7

  • Oh man, today was Rough with a capital “R”. After a few days off, we spent the first ten minutes spooking at the mysterious NOTHING that was down the driveway. (For the record, Ax is NOT normally a spooky guy. It usually requires too much energy and movement.) By the time Ax finished puffing up and snorting like a dragon it was pitch black and we were forced into the indoor where there was already a lesson going on. It just went downhill from there. Ax was all worked up and nervous, so there was no swing in his gaits. I still dropped my irons because it had been a few days, but none of it was pleasant. Ax was tight and choppy, causing me to clamp on with my legs and creating a viscous cycle. I finally got a little relaxation at the trot with and without stirrups and called it quits. Just as I took my feet out of the irons and loosened my reins, my horse was gone from underneath me and I was belly-down in the dirt (on top of my already-broken finger). The boogey-man (aka another horse being put outside) had walked by the side doors and sent Ax flying sideways. I am pretty sure I scared the crud out of the little girl in the lesson that was going. Of course, I had to get back on and go past the door a million times before I got off the correct way. We were definitely done after that.

Tuesday, November 11th – Day 8

  • I woke up this morning feeling like someone beat me with a pillowcase of bricks. Nonetheless, today was a day off and Ill be darned if I wasn’t going to spend my day at the barn. My friend and I chose to ride to the park since it was beautiful out and we had unlimited time. Ax only had a few “yeehaws” to get out before I felt secure enough to ditch my stirrups. Because cantering in a big field typically turns to Ax galloping away with me, I stuck to some trot and that was it. I was already pretty sore from my meeting with the indoor footing the day before, so I kept it simple. Check out all the pictures here, shout out to my boyfriend who spent the day chasing us with a camera!



Wednesday, November 12th

  • They say you feel it more a few days later, well whoever “they” are seemed to be 100% right. If yesterday was bricks, than today was after being run over by a truck. The park ride really wore Ax out, so I chose to give him today off and just rode in my lesson. No NSN today.

Thursday, November 13th

  • Ax got another day off today mostly because I have a HUGE paper due tomorrow night, like sixteen-pages-and-half-of-my-final-grade huge, so I had to give up riding today and type until my fingers bled. Sad, I know, but something has got to give and my GPA is not about to be it.

Friday, November 14th – Day 9

  • I am seriously slacking this week, so today I gave myself no choice and I ended up having a perfect ride, no stirrups and all.

On to week three!


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