November Evaluation & December Goals

If you followed my No Stirrup November chronicles, you know that I made that my priority this month. Because of that, combined with other things, this month was not so successful.

November Goals:

  • Get myself back in shape. – In my defense, I did start this month doing really well about going to the gym…but things got busy and it sort of fell to the wayside.
  • Push myself and overcome my fears. – I did! But I am not crossing this off because this is a never ending battle with myself. I am super proud of myself for pushing my limits this month, especially when the fences made their way up the standards. Unfortunately, our last ride left me a little defeated, so there is still more work to be done.
  • No Stirrup November. – Finally something to cross off! I did participate in No Stirrup November and I blogged the whole thing. Whether or not it was successful or effective is for another post (hint hint).
  • Keep Ax in shape. – Done. For now. He is still looking like his handsome self.


December Goals:

  • Survive finals without my horse to forget reality. – This may be the hardest one. Now that Ax is back at home for the last two weeks of classes and finals, I may not remain sane.
  • Let go. – I am bringing this back after an awful ride that brought back my battle with this bad habit.
  • Push myself and overcome my fears. – See above.
  • Re-clip Ax – He has returned to his woolly mammoth ways in a matter of two months. Time to break out the clippers…again.
  • Improve our lateral work. – It leaves much to be desired.

Happy Holidays!


One thought on “November Evaluation & December Goals

  1. even tho you didn’t technically cross everything off from november, it was still a super productive month! and yea, letting go is pretty much the hardest…


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