George H. Morris Horsemastership Training Session 2015 – Day Three

‘Tis the season of the George H. Morris Horsemastership Training Session. Five days of the Equestrian God himself teaching a clinic to hand-picked, outstanding riders on their gorgeous horses. It almost makes you wish you were one of them…that is, until he starts breaking out his infamously sharp tongue. It is no secret that good ‘ol George isn’t shy about telling his riders exactly how he feels.

Thanks to the USEF Network‘s live stream and on demand coverage of the clinic, you too can feel like you are right there in Wellington watching George chew up the twelve lucky riders and spit them back out as effective, disciplined equestrians.

You can watch the live stream or the on demand coverage here, the schedule of events can be found here, and the rider questionnaires have been posted here.

Day three was very similar to day two. If George had his sassy pants on before, now he had on his whole sassy outfit. He began each session by choosing one horse from each group to warm up on the flat while the rest of the riders were to follow along. After a short warm up, they moved onto cavaletti, grid work, and the larger jumps including the liverpool.


8:00AM Mounted Flat Work and Grid Work Session – Group 1:

“Most people just think of hands as contact…seat bones, legs, hands, you have three contacts.”

“Contrary to dressage…those little ladies ride with their stirrups WAYYY too long.”

“Wilton I like your horse. You’re going to watch for a while.”

“I don’t like teaching. I like riding.”

“Flat, no flat! People, so stupid.”

“Why is it important that my body is forward? It is to relieve the horses back.”

“Watch whats happening, we are now in canter. You children are like bleating sheep.”

“I put up with all of you! It is a pain.”

“If I don’t respect you, most of you I don’t, it is because I don’t rever you as a horse person.”

 “I don’t respect many people as horsemen because I worship the passion of correct riding, and correct horse management, and correct dressage, and correct position. That’s my only interest.”

“This obsession of low hands and a heavy seat is the worst fashion today.”

“What happened to correct riding?”

“You people pay attention. To be perfectly frank, you are wasting my time.”

“At this level we have the crest release, but you get rid of the crest release.”

“At all times, there is a straight line, elbow to the horses bit.”

“Hes a wonderful little horse, but hes a cheeky little thing.”

“Position faults distract from the horse.”

“We talk about driving aids. Leg, cluck, spur, stick.”

“I love halts. I love backing. I love control.”

“I don’t care if you survive. I care if I survive.”

10:00AM Mounted Flat Work and Grid Work Session – Group 2:

“When the horse makes that noise ‘brrrrrrrrr’ he is accepting.”

“She dives in the transition. She’s like a porpoise.”

“You can’t buy a seat. You have to earn it.”

“I NEVER let people ride my horse.”

“Don’t work a horse, show a horse, and leap off. Walk your horse.”

“Posting trot is a recent invention.”

“The stirrups have to be short so you can get up and in balance.”

“They gave me a golf cart with very little impulsion.”

“This is what I want. So the horse virtually jumps under you.”

“To get a technique you have to do the same thing hundreds or thousands of times.”

“Don’t do the same exercise for too long…that called drilling.”

“If you don’t get it, that’s not my problem.”

“This is called homework. You people are so interested in point chasing, ranking, which I hate, you don’t have time for homework.”

“I don’t remember having a problem with competition. I had a problem learning how to ride and how to manage horses.”

“Its over, under, or through.”

 “That is my system…gallop, jumping position, positive ride, supportive ride, right to the base.”

“The repetition will give her confidence to that fence.”

“Make a quick decision and stay with the decision.”

“No, no, no, Carly, go back again. That is like the next spaceship to Mars.”

“The horse does the jumping. We accompany the horse.”

“I don’t care what distance you get to. There isn’t a bad distance, there is a difficult distance.”

“Don’t make a mistake because I am in a very bad mood.”

“My pupils don’t have to like me, I don’t want them to like me.”

“There is one in a thousand. You can’t legislate horsemanship because some people don’t feel animals. It’s not their fault.”

“First is their desire to be a great horseman. It’s called ambition.”

FullSizeRender (5)
George Morris schooling a participant’s horse on day three of the 2015 George H. Morris Horsemastership Training Session


Did I miss any? What is your favorite George-ism so far? Make sure to catch the notes from day one, the Beezie Madden demonstration, and day two.


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