The Gift of Giving: What Ax recieved for the Holidays

This past year was the year of the horse, and the gifts under our tree were well aware of that, and Ax and I couldn’t be more thankful. While the holiday season is now behind us, the giving season is long-lasting.

With people being so sensitive about gifts and money these days, I feel as though a disclaimer is necessary to save myself from future harsh comments. I am beyond thankful for everything that I received this holiday season whether it was for my horse or for my own personal use. Being a college student with a new horse is tough, and my family and friends are aware of that and took it upon themselves to help out with things that I needed. They are beyond generous and I can’t thank them all enough. My sharing of what Ax received for the holidays is in no way a form of bragging and I hope that my readers can understand that.


1. A new saddle. This was actually purchased back in September and I have been using it ever since. Ax was in desperate want for a saddle that fit him better than my last one and didn’t pinch his shoulders like a vice and this one came along at the right time.


2. Eskadron AiR jumping boots. Again, these were purchased in September at a tack sale. My old front boots had a weird lining that was not forgiving on his tendons and the hind boots collected dirt because they were too big. Out with the old and in with the used.


3. Waterford D-ring snaffle. Yet another purchase that was made and given early. A friend of mine had an extra and I had been wanting to try one out. Long story short, Ax loved it and it was purchased as an early stocking stuffer that never made it off my bridle and into the stocking.

4. Treats. Even though I won these at a yankee swap (can you say best swap gift ever?), Ax was happy either way.

5. A body clip. This one he was not so happy about but it had been a few months and the water buffalo look had to go. He got naked and I got covered.


6. An Ogilvy Equestrian half pad. With the new saddle came the need to switch up my pads a bit. My current pad was making it sit a little low in the back, so something different was required and my boyfriend found this one at a steal of a price. Unfortunately it is too big and I am on the hunt for a smaller one, but the thought is definitely what counts.

7. A new saddle pad. This one is a little bit more for me than for Ax but it is used on him so it kind of counts right? Of all the things I have monogrammed, a saddle pad was not one of them. I am lucky enough to have a boyfriend who is aware and he had this one made for me. I love it.


8. SmartPak supplements. I had been thinking for a while that I needed to start him on a joint supplement and after a long time researching different ones and going to info sessions I finally chose one to order.



9. A massage. A new massage therapist has been coming to our barn for a few months and my mom decided to make appointments for all three of our horses. Time for Ax to get loosey-goosey.

10. Blankets. Since Ax can’t wear either of my moms horses blankets, I have slowly been accumulating all the ones he needs. The most recent additions are a Rambo Optimo sheet and a HUG medium weight stable blanket that will be used as a liner since I have yet to find a heavy weight.

FOIM 0024323Happy belated Holidays to everyone from me and Ax! What did you all get or give for the holidays?


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9 thoughts on “The Gift of Giving: What Ax recieved for the Holidays

    1. I already do! Ive had one before, but I gave it to my mom when I found the hunter style which turned out to be too small, and then I found ECOGOLD. I like them equally as does my horse, but the Ogilvy sits my saddle more correct.


  1. I know what you mean about the saddle. I ordered a new one and I want to write about it, but I’m still recovering from how much $$$ I had to spend. I worry about coming across braggy. And I just started my new gelding on SmartPaks. This is the first month. I’m eager to see a before-after result in a few more weeks. 🙂


  2. I know this is an old post, but do you happen to know where the saddle pad was purchased? Its exactly what I want, but I can’t seem to find that pattern with piping and the monogram style at the usual places.


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