December Evaluation & January Goals

December Evaluation:

  • Survive finals without my horse to forget reality. – I am still here so I guess I survived.
  • Let go. – I love that I get to cross this one off, but it is only temporary. I had some of the best jump schools on Ax in December and since I would like to keep it that way, this will still need to be worked on.
  • Push myself and overcome my fears. – Again, I partially accomplished this by upping the fence height (my worst nightmare), but I think that one can keep pushing themselves out of their comfort zone.
  • Re-clip Ax. – This happened and I am so happy about it. Bye bye wooly mammoth horse.
  • Improve our lateral work. – To be honest, I didn’t think that this would be something that I would happen this month, as much as I wanted it to. So I was pleasantly surprised when we worked on leg yield in a dressage lesson at the end of the month. Its not perfect, but it is an improvement.



January Goals:

  • Go out of my comfort zone over fences. – See above.
  • Let go. – Again, see above.
  • Work on our leg yield. – Like I said above, we started working on these, but they definitely need improving.
  • Polish our lead changes. – Right now we have a half bucking, half leaping, and half throwing his haunches out lead change. Its not as awful as it sounds, but I am aiming for them to be a little cleaner and a little straighter.
  • Ride/work Ax 4-5 times a week. – This is going to be tough because of the extreme New England cold that is fast approaching and I am not about to ride my horse in the nasty temperatures, but I will try my best when it is above 20 degrees.

“Don’t wait until you’ve reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take toward reaching that goal.” – Unknown.


6 thoughts on “December Evaluation & January Goals

  1. congrats on a solid december!! good luck in jan too – fingers crossed for plenty of days above 20*! i need to work on our lead changes too – tho i think we need to start by polishing the simple changes first lol


  2. The only horse I ever had with lead changes did them like that. It was awful to ride. Sydney changes her leads on her own when she picks up the wrong one which makes me hope that teaching her lead changes On command will be easy.


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