January Evaluation & February Goals

January Evaluation:

  • Go out of my comfort zone over fences. – So excited to cross this one off. The day before we moved Ax back to school I waited around until the previous jumping lesson was over to steal their fences, one of which was a 2’9″-ish (I didn’t measure it so I am guessing) oxer with a mini-coop underneath. Definitely not something within my comfort zone. Definitely almost died the first couple times. Definitely lived to tell the tale and ended on a good note.
  • Let go. – See above. While I did get caught off guard on the first one (I have now perfected the rein-through-fingers-slip to avoid catching him in the mouth) there is no way Ax could have jumped the oxer if I was pulling on him.
  • Work on our leg yield. – We had an enlightening dressage lesson at the beginning of the month that was a HUGE help on this one. It is still a little rusty and he would prefer to head with his shoulders as opposed to moving his entire body together, but we absolutely get some nice steps in there.
  • Polish our lead changes. – Did we work on them? Yes. Did we “polish” them? That would be a stretch. I did have some really nice rides where Ax’s “enthusiasm” was toned down and we even got some clean changes, but they still need work.
  • Ride/work Ax 4-5 times a week. – Yea right. What was I thinking? I did pretty well the first week, I rode four times, but then I left for school before Ax did and he ended up with six days off. Then we got whacked with temperatures in the teens/single digits and three feet of snow.


February Goals:

  • Keep working on those “expressive” lead changes. – We WILL be rid of the bucking one day…one day.
  • Clean/condition my tack after almost every ride. – I know I should be doing this anyway but lets be real here, I don’t. Unfortunately, the cold has brought the dryness along with it and my tack is not liking it.
  • Wash my saddle pads. – It has been a while…
  • Add more no stirrup work to my riding. – I am sure that the start up of IHSA lessons and practice will make this happen soon enough. Plus, regionals is a short two months away and I need to magically have legs of steel by then.
  • Work those poles! – Oh la la. But seriously, it is about time Mr. TripsALot figures out where his feet go.
  • Get out of my comfort zone and let go.

“Don’t wait until you’ve reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take toward reaching that goal.” – Unknown.


5 thoughts on “January Evaluation & February Goals

  1. nice work on your goals!! i also recently challenged myself with a big-ish oxer and didn’t die – definitely an exciting thing haha! good luck in february 🙂


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