Product Review: Smartpak Piper Knee Patch Breeches

I heard about SmartPak’s Piper breeches back in 2013 when they were first introduced and they only had a few colors. Since then, they have added more colors and the breeches have taken off. I loved the colors and the idea of a more affordable breech, but the problem was…I am a breeches snob, let me just put that out there, particularly about the fabric and the cut. Over a year later, I finally decided to purchase a navy with emerald pair in November and give them a try.


I went to the store to pick these out, so I had the chance to try them on and choose the correct size. I grabbed the size that I normally wear in Tailored Sportsmans and the next size up. My normal size fit perfect in the waist but were super tight on my legs, while the size up fit my legs great but the waist was a bit too loose. I decided to go with the size up since I would just belt them anyways. My only other issue with the fit would be the rise of the waist. The crotch to waist length is much too long, resulting in the breeches rising above my belly button. I am not sure if this is something caused by my odd body proportions or not, but I saw past it.

One of my favorite parts of these breeches is the fabric. It is super soft and flexible, making them über comfortable. I haven’t had a chance to wear them in the summer so I don’t know how cool they are in hot weather, but they are a little thicker than my TS therefore they are warmer in the wintertime. They have enough hold to hide any imperfections without making you feel like a sausage and are comfy enough to wear all day long. My complaint? They have begun to lightly pill on the legs and in the upper thigh.


The style of the Pipers are really cute. I love that there are so many color options and the fun piping adds a pop of brightness to the sometimes bland schooling ring. The euro-seat design is super popular and modern while the rear pockets add a little flair. My booty makes the pockets sit a little lower than I would like, but not low enough to rub on my saddle and I like that they are real, functional pockets. The elastic bottom isn’t bunchy in my boots and doesn’t pull the breeches down like some do. I have received a ton of compliments on these breeches both on and off the horse. If there was a side zip option I would be over the moon.

Overall, I really love the how comfortable and cute these are. They passed the “breech snob” test. I wish the fabric didn’t pill and they came in side zip but if you are looking for an affordable schooling breech that is the riding equivalent of your favorite leggings, snag a pair of these.

The Pipers in action.



12 thoughts on “Product Review: Smartpak Piper Knee Patch Breeches

  1. Love Piper breeches! I’m not a huge fan of funky colors simply because that means I have to make sure my top matches and I also love side zip so the Piper Show Side Zips are perfect for me. I’ve found all my Pipers to be a little gap-y around the waist as well but it doesn’t bother me either since I always wear a belt.


    1. That is the only struggle I have had with the colors, finding a matching shirt, but I can handle it. I wish the show side zips came in more colors, god knows I don’t need any more tan breeeches.


  2. I definitely agree with your entire review! First, I LOVE me some Pipers….love, love love. I have looked long and hard for a good set of breeches for schooling that were durable and flattering, but that weren’t super expensive. I have noticed the slight pilling on the thigh that you mentioned, but for me, that’s the ONLY downfall of these breeches. The sizing you mentioned is also true for me: I have very athletic legs, so I usually have to size up in the waist so I don’t squeeze my thighs to death haha. The rise isn’t really an issue for me: I’m short (5’3″) and I think they fit me well in that respect.

    Overall, really GREAT review, I’m so glad you like them! And all the colors FTW 🙂

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  3. You should add this to the 900 FB pony’s fit guide! I don’t think there’s a review of the fit of the Pipers specifically, and it will be good to have them on there! Especially regarding the pilling, which I can pretend to ignore, but does annoy me in the end.


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