Product Review: Noble Outfitters 1/4 Zips + GIVEAWAY

I’ve been a fan of Noble Outfitters long before I was contacted about working with them—I’m in love with their socks. Since then I have done a few reviews of their products and now I have another, plus something for my readers as well at the end of the post.

First up is the Warmwear Quarter Zip Hoodie. When I saw this sweatshirt online I loved the combined idea of a quarter zip and a hood, though I have to admit I was a little curious as to how it would wear. The website says that this fits loose, but I sized up just to be safe, and I chose the heather grey and wine-like color which go together beautifully.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 3.34.59 PM
Via Noble Outfitters

Upon taking this out of the package I was first surprised by the fabrics—the exterior is a polyester, unlike most sweatshirts, and the inside is so amazingly soft I could sleep in it. Then I put it on and found that the collar sits very nicely inside the hood without leaving you feeling like you have a bulky scarf on, contrary to what I had expected. The front seams look great on the black version, but are a little distracting on the grey. I love that the pockets are hidden slits on the side as opposed to a kangaroo pocket.

Aside from all of that and what is by far the best part of this quarter zip hoodie is the warmth it offers. It is pretty cold here in New England and I wore this both on and off my horse to see how it would hold up to the chilly temperatures. I rode on a 35 degree evening with just a vest over it and was plenty warm during my ride without being too hot. I also wore it to a trade show where our booth was stationed directly across from the door. Not only did I receive many compliments and questions about where it was from, I was super warm all day.

Good ol’ clothes-selfie.

BOTTOM LINE: If you like the look and function of a hoodie but want some more coverage and warmth, check out the Noble Outfitters Warmwear Quarter Zip Hoodie.


Next I tested the Lauren Quarter Zip in periwinkle with charcoal and again, I sized up. The Lauren is a traditional quarter zip athletic top with a few extra features. I have to note that I love the fit of this top. Normally I am not a fan of most close fitting tops or I find myself feeling constricted—neither of these were the case. The seaming and colors are flattering on my not-so-svelte frame with some extra stretch for a full range of movement. Also, you have to love those THUMB HOLES.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 4.30.59 PM.png
Via Noble Outfitters

As with the sweatshirt above, I was pleasantly surprised with how warm this top is. I wore only a vest over this on a cold November night and was just the right temperature during tacking up and riding when I am usually too cold and then too hot.

And another.

BOTTOM LINE: The Noble Outfitters Lauren Quarter Zip is perfect for the winter equestrian who hates bulky ridingwear.


Now for the GIVEAWAY! A huge thank you goes to Noble Outfitters for partnering with me to provide an awesome prize for my readers. The winner will receive their choice of the Noble Outfitters Warmwear Quarter Zip Hoodie or the Lauren Quarter Zip.

The rules of the giveaway are as follows:
– Begins Tuesday, December 1st
– Ends Wednesday, December 9th
– Entries must be submitted using the link below.
– Open to residents of the United States ONLY (sorry international readers!)



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34 thoughts on “Product Review: Noble Outfitters 1/4 Zips + GIVEAWAY

  1. Both products look so cute and cozy!! I love hoodies and that looks super cozy. I often get annoyed with the constricting feeling hoodies can have, so hearing that it’s not is awesome.
    Also intrigued with the lauren as the thumb holes would have been wonderful today. I personally can’t work in gloves around the barn so maybe a shirt like that would be perfect with what I’m missing!!


  2. interesting concept about the hoodie and quarter zip – part of me wonders if it would be better in the opposite order, with hoodie on the inside? it’s cute tho!


  3. I’m in love with both!!! Hmmm and the giveaway ends on my bday. (Hoping I’m actually lucky for once) 😁


  4. Noble is FAB. I met their Western States sales rep, and he kindly offered to replace our broken unbreakable fork and the tines on a few others at my barn when I told him our hilarious story of breaking the fork. That is pretty good customer service! And that hoodie… I wants.


  5. I love love love their gloves! They have lots of colors and designs and I own multiple pairs! They’re so comfy and I just adore them!


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