What’s In My Tack Trunk?

A few months ago, before moving to a new barn, I decided that I wanted to upgrade from my Horseman’s Pride plastic trunk to something more secure and durable. There was nothing wrong with the plastic trunk, but I had had it for a while and it was pretty warped and banged up from use (my dad broke the lock on it almost right after we bought it). I decided on the Husky Job Box for three reasons: it’s super durable, it has heavy duty locks, and it has a handle and wheels. My trusty boyfriend—who happens to work at Home Depot—brought one home for me and it then was my job to downsize my stuff into the smaller trunk.

Now, months later, I find myself struggling to close the thing because I have it packed to the brim like a crazy game of Tetris. If you thought that I stuffed a bunch of things into my grooming tote, wait until you see all of the nonsense in my tack trunk.



Here she is in all of her dusty, dirty glory. While I have yet to monogram it, I did order one of those sticky name plates from Smartpak to put on it since everyone and their mother has this same trunk.

The first layer is mostly stuff that I use on a daily basis, plus the handy tray of random junk.


The little tray is full of miscellaneous things that could easily be lost and/or have no real place.


  • More treats
  • Bit warmer – I’ve never used this but apparently you put hand warmers in the pockets and it makes the bit all toasty.
  • Spare bits – One of my Island barn’s clients found out I use a waterford on Ax and gave me every style known to man so they live here with my extra happy mouths.
  • Spare spurs – I found these lying around at the end of a show day in the middle of the field (I guess I stole them, oops?) and extra/old/need-to-be-thrown-away-but-I-am-a-hoarder spur straps.
  • Shampoo and Conditioner samples – These belong in my wash bucket…
  • Random hardware – Double-ended snaps, eye hooks, and other things I apparently think I need.
  • Baby wipes – Honestly, these have been in here forever and are probably all dried but they fit in there so perfectly.
  • Tack cleaning travel kit – Why is this in here? I have no clue.
  • K. Marie Equestrian zipper bag full of my The Herbal Horse salves
  • Leather punch
  • Gloves
  • Ear bonnet
  • Spare nameplate parts – Shoutout to Smartpak for always supplying extra.

Layer two is the bigger stuff that I use pretty frequently or just happens to fit there.


  • Evidence of my saddle pad addiction – I keep my clean Ogilvy Baby Pads and Back On Track Pads here at the top since I use those the most.
  • Equifit Standing Wraps – These just happen to fit perfectly here.
  • Spare stirrups irons – Since I’ve switched to the wide tread irons, I don’t know what to do with these.
  • Standing bandages – Hidden under the wraps.
  • Back On Track Quick Wraps – Also hidden under the wraps.
  • Towels
  • Extra girth – I should probably sell this but oh well.


  • More saddle pads
  • Spare tack – My martingale, extra halter, lunge line, and extra lead ropes live here.
  • Bin of First Aid stuff/bottles – Fly spray, Bute, Banamine, Thrush Buster, Vet Wrap, Listerine, coat conditioners, supplement samples, etc.

For stuff outside if the tack trunk that just doesn’t fit…we have the stuff in a random bucket, on and below my saddle rack, and my bridle hook.




In short—I have ALOT of stuff.



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21 thoughts on “What’s In My Tack Trunk?

  1. I have the same trunk. I feel like I need three! I can barely get it to close and I’m still lugging stuff back and forth from home. Maybe I too have to much stuff. Actually I know I have to much stuff. #tackhoarder


  2. I could never fit all of my stuff into one tack trunk. And even if I could, it would never be this organized!


  3. You have a setup very similar to mine! i love reading about organization, call me crazy haha

    Sidenote, how do you like the Ecogold flip pad? it seemed so bulky looking in photos…


  4. ha i love it! it always amazes me how much stuff i just kinda… collect lol. but my tack drawers look an awful lot like your trunk – right up to the spare leather bits and nameplate hardware (from SP, of course) lol


  5. Um, so I’m reading The Art of Tidying Up book and am about to re-gift, trash, sell, about half my tack trunk contents. How many girths and different colored sets of polo wraps does one person need? I have thought about getting the exact trunk you have for showing. My trunk is way too heavy and big. Anyone need polos?


  6. Add me to the list of people that are impressed by the amount of stuff. The bad thing about having that much stuff is trying to get things out, especially from the bottom sections, then trying to get it all back so that you can close it again. I’m going to do this with my stuff….soon.


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