Equine Affaire Haul

One of the perks of getting paid to go to a trade show as opposed to having to pay to get in is that you end up with a little more money in your pocket to spend while you’re there! My list of things I needed to get at Equine Affaire this year was full of things that would hardly be on sale and I was only getting there so I wouldn’t have to pay shipping. (Spoiler alert: I only got half of the things on the list and twice the amount of things off the list.)


Redmond Rock on a Rope
Ax goes through salt like crazy and I just prefer this over the Himalayan (is there a difference?). I usually pick a salt rock of some sort anytime I can because shipping these can be a pain. They had a bit of a deal so I bought two—one to give him now and one to roll around in my truck until he finishes the first.

Tuffrider Thermo Manager Baby Pad
This was a freebie that my mom got because she bought a blanket. Since she rides dressage, I offered to steal it. It’s pretty stretchy for a baby pad and the fabric is soft, so I like it so far.

Vac’s No Bows
Who knew that no bows that are sewn horizontally are so hard to find? I already have a pair of these, but (after deciding to sell my overly expensive Equifit wraps) I needed another pair for all four legs. Sadly, these were probably more expensive to get there than to order online but whatever.

Blue Seal Feed Saddle Pad
Another Equine Affaire freebie. The first chunk of people to go to the Blue Seal Feed booth got a free saddle pad and our booth was right across from theirs. I walked by the booth to throw something away and they handed it to me—I wasn’t about to say no to a free pad! It’s just a plain Rider’s International pad with the Blue Seal logo in the bottom corner and it’ll be great for schooling.

EIS Heated Shirt
I’ve seen these around for the past year and found this one on super sale so I snagged it. I’m super boring and bought black so I wouldn’t have to worry about matching and sized up so it wouldn’t be skin-tight like most shirts like this. A review will be coming once I get the chance to wear it in the cold weather.

Amigo Bravo Medium Turnout
I grabbed this at more than $100 off the retail price from the booth of an equine therapy non-profit because it was lightly used. I felt great because the money was going to the organization and the blanket is in beautiful condition other than a few hairs. Unfortunately, it is much too big for Ax despite being the correct size (sad face).

You guys already know that I love ECOGOLD. Once I found out that they would be at Equine Affaire I asked if they would be willing to bring a spare baseball hat since my first one got stolen at a show. This one is much nicer (and looks cooler) than my stolen on was and I love to support my favorite brands.

ECOGOLD Hunter Pad
Since being gifted my first ECOGOLD hunter pad from my mom (review here), I have been wanting to get another for when I have longer shows—it’s just nice to have a back up in case it gets dirty or doesn’t dry. I’m now impatiently waiting for show season so I can use it.

ECOGOLD Flip Half Pad in Pink
This might be my favorite thing that I came home with. I already LOVE my current flip pad (review here) and have been meaning to write an updated review since it has been a few years (look for that soon), so why not add another to the collection? Plus, IT’S PINK! This is one of their limited edition colors that they came out with in February and I have been dying to get my hands on one—I can’t resist dressing up Ax in pink?! #realgeldingswearpink


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14 thoughts on “Equine Affaire Haul

  1. Do you happen to remember where you bought the EIS from?! I meant to go back and get one the second day but totally forgot! They were such a good deal, hoping to contact them and see if any are left!


  2. Jealous! The Royal is the same time as Equine Affaire, and it’s the first year I haven’t been able to.. even if my bank account is thanking me, I’m still bitter about it!


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