Owniversary 4.0

I didn’t have the typical horse shopping experience when I bought Ax. I wasn’t even horse shopping at all—I wasn’t looking for a horse, I was just looking to survive finals of my sophomore year of college. No pre-purchase exam, no assessment of his conformation, nothing. Just a short lease and a signed check.

Four years ago today I anxiously waited for a text from my dad that he had handed over my check and had the signed bill of sale in hand. Four years later, I still have the (badly edited) screenshot of the text that told me Ax was mine.


We’ve both come an incredible long way since then, and I think I have learned more from him over these past four years than he has from me. He helped me through my final two years of college and graduation, moved around New England with only so much resistance as a swish of his tail and a sniff for cookies, and helped me get my first job by inspiring me to start this blog. He taught me how to sit a buck and not freak out when he injures himself. But most importantly, he taught me to always, always carry cookies, no matter what.

Here is to many, many more years of buffalo taming. Thanks for making me perpetually broke, Ax. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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