The Final Phase | Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event

The final day of the Kentucky Three-Day Event was bittersweet—on one hand, I was sunburnt, sore, and utterly exhausted; on the other, I was sad to leave the excitement and chaos that is horse show life. After a long day of cross-country and a grand prix the day before and a late night with friends atContinue reading “The Final Phase | Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event”

Dressage Days | Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event

Eventing has grown on me over the years. Don’t get me wrong, I have no desire to ever compete in the sport (I’ll stick to my tiny, natural-colored sticks), but an appreciation for the bravery and sheer dedication of the horses and riders has developed. Attending the Kentucky Three-Day Event was never something that crossedContinue reading “Dressage Days | Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event”

A Whirlwind | Ax (and life) Update

How many times can I say “I’m back!” before I become the blogger who cried wolf? Part of being a blogger means having to write around real life things like work and riding or adult things like grocery shopping. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, real life has been pretty busyContinue reading “A Whirlwind | Ax (and life) Update”