Things I Bought and Didn’t Need | 2017 Equine Affaire Haul

Things I Bought and Didn’t Need | 2017 Equine Affaire Haul

I went to work this year’s Equine Affaire with an empty bank account and needing nothing but a salt rock. Unsurprisingly, I came home with more than that (though not as much as last year!), but half of my haul is made up of freebies. Merry Early Christmas to me?

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Things I’ve Aquired | A Cumulative Haul

Things I’ve Aquired | A Cumulative Haul

Some would say that I have a shopping problem. I prefer to say that I like to spoil my horse.

Most of this stuff has been purchased over the past few months—between SmartPak’s sales around the holidays and needing things for the barn move (blog coming on that soon, I promise), my wallet has been crying a lot lately. Continue reading “Things I’ve Aquired | A Cumulative Haul”

2016 Blogger Gift Exchange

2016 Blogger Gift Exchange

Of course I would get my blogger secret santa gift before I’ve even sent mine out! (#procrastinationstation) This is my second year participating in Fly On Over‘s annual Blogger Gift Exchange and so far my fellow bloggers have given Ax and I amazing gifts.

This year my gifter was Olivia from DIY Horse Ownership and she sent me the most thoughtful package. In my little note to my secret santa I mentioned that I am a monogramaholic, Ax is a treataholic, and I’m super boring when it comes to my favorite colors—green, white, and black. Well, Olivia tackled everything in my note and more!


The first thing I spotted upon ripping open my package (there was no waiting until Christmas for this one) was an adorable, hand painted wooden box with my initials painted on top. The sides and inside are a beautiful dark brown while the lid is my favorite green and my initials are white, and the box stays closed with a little hidden magnet. I currently keep my jewelry in an old earring box on the bedside table and recently my kitty has taken a liking to trying to pull out all the rings and earrings inside to play with, so this new box is perfect! I was even more surprised to open the box and find a fun, stretchy belt inside!

The next thing I opened was the card that was included that I probably should have looked at first. Inside, Olivia wrote a note saying that even though I said my favorite color was green she had seen that I had a new pink half pad, so she made me a reversible ear bonnet for Ax that was pink on one side and green on the other. I’m pretty sure the next thing I did was drop the card in excitement. Sure enough, inside a snowman-adorned box was a handmade fly bonnet with pink herringbone ears on one side and green quatrefoil ears on the other! I love the patterns and the fun colors were so thoughtful on Olivia’s part. I only had one fly bonnet for Ax that’s a navy blue that doesn’t really match any of my pads or breeches, so this was something I didn’t even know I needed. After a little searching on her blog, I found her guide to DIY your own reversible fly bonnet and I am sure I will be making myself some more for next summer!


The last thing inside the package was a little box full of homemade horse treats for Ax. He loves them and I am definitely going to use her recipe to make some for the ponies at the barn.


Thank you, Olivia!