Dilemmas of being an Equestrian: Winter Edition

Who really likes winter? Between below freezing temperatures and massive nor’easter storms with enough snow to bury my house, winter in New England is tough for an equestrian. It entails dressing up like the Michelin Man just to find out that all the buckets are frozen, your horse’s feet are packed with snow, and it is way too cold to ride. But, it also means galloping through fresh snow on your teddy bear of a horse and there’s just nothing like being cold and hopping on bareback to warm your frozen cheeks. Winter in the land of horse people is a little bit of good, a little bit dangerous, and a whole lot of frustration. Here are just a few of my dilemmas of being an equestrian, the winter edition.

Thinking that because you are freezing and need three jackets, your horse must be freezing and need three blankets too.

To quarter sheet or not quarter sheet, that is the question.

Trying to ride in all your layers.

When the indoor is one giant chunk of frozen footing.

Warming up in a cooler to keep your legs warm.

Warming your hands under your horses blankets.

Having your horse turn into a woolly mammoth.

Body clipping.

Frozen water buckets. Enough said.

Not being able to ride for very long because it’s so cold.

When you have to dismount and you know your toes are going to feel like they shattered.

Not being able to fit enough leggings under your breeches.

Riding in the snow.

Being jealous of all the riders in the warmth at WEF.

Realizing that they may be warm but there’s also a 90% chance it’s raining there.

Not wanting your toes to freeze but not wanting to wear huge winter riding boots.

When your horse injures himself and your entire first aid kit is frozen.

When it’s too cold to ride but you get on bareback anyways.

Freezing your buns off at IHSA shows.

Almost dying on your way to the barn in the middle of a Nor’Easter just to check on your horse.

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