Dilemmas of being an Equestrian: Spring Edition

Spring has sprung! (Although, right now in New England it doesn’t look it.) But, I will ignore the weather and listen to my calendar when it tells me that it is officially spring as of March 20th. In honor of the impending warmer weather, here are a few dilemmas of being an equestrian in the spring.

When you see the first signs of green grass.

Your horse when he/she spooks at all the birds again.

Riding without a million layers on.

Finally being able to ride back outside.

When the outdoor is one big mud puddle.

The first horse shows of the season.

Your horse when you finally let him/her outside without a blanket.

And you cross your fingers that they stay clean.

But this is all that happens.

And they come back caked in mud.

All the sassy ponies in the warmer weather.

Trying to walk in the mud but all you do it slip and slide.

When you forget it’s a mud pit outside so you don’t wear the right shoes and everything just seeps into your tall boots.

Or if your smart enough to wear muck boots but they get sucked off in the mud anyways.

It’s lighter out later, therefore you can spend more time at the barn.

No more frozen water buckets.

Shedding season continues.

All the rain just makes things even muddier.

When your horse loses a shoe in the mud.

But then you remember that Spring only for a few months and summer is on its way.


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