Equestrian Holiday Gift Guide 2014

The holidays are here! And with less than a month left until the holidays, there is no time to panic about what to get your favorite horse-lover! So, I have created a gift guide for anyone a little stumped on what to give every type of equestrian and for us riders to lust over.

For the new horse owner:

New horse owners are the easiest to shop for, especially if they haven’t owned a horse before. There is an endless list of things that a new horse needs, making it pretty simple to figure out what to get the new owner.

  • Stall Nameplate – There is something about having your name listed under your horses name as the owner. Every stall needs a little something to let everyone know who the horse inside belongs to and a stall name plate is the solution. Most tack shops do engraving and can create the name plate in a variety of sizes and shapes with different text options, some even let you add the horse’s breed logo, like this one from SmartPak.
  • Leather halter with a name plate – Not much looks better on a horse’s head than a beautiful leather halter with the horse’s name engraved in brass on the cheek piece. Leather halters some in a variety of price ranges, allowing this to be a gift from any giver. Again, these can be found at any tack shop, but my favorite is the SmartPak Deluxe Triple Stitch halter.
  • Blankets – A horse can never have enough blankets, and neither can the horse owner! From stable sheets, to turnout blankets, to a fancy embroidered cooler, there is an endless option of blankets to choose from, just make sure you know the horse’s correct size so it will fit.
  • Saddle pad or baby pad – Another thing that there is never enough of. Assuming the owner will be riding the horse, they obviously need saddle pads, so the more the merrier! Of course, a little embroidered monogram is a nice touch and makes it that much more special. I love the Rider’s International All-Purpose saddle pad or the Lettia Collection Baker baby pad, but the Ogilvy Equestrian saddle and baby pads are very popular and have amazing reviews.
  • Horse books – There is no book that can completely tell someone how to care for a horse, so using tips and tricks from multiple different authors is a great way to broaden a new owners knowledge. The good thing is that there is a plethora of horse books that range from basic care to specific topics like nutrition or biomechanics. The “equestrian bible”, Hunter Seat Equitation by George Morris, is a necessary addition to any rider’s collection. These can be found at tack shops or at a local bookstore.
  • Treats – Your new owner’s horse will probably be the most thankful for this gift. There are hundreds of different kinds of horse treats and a horse owner can never have too many! Ax’s favorites are Uncle Jimmy’s Squeezy BunsEnjoy Yums Low Sugar Carrot treats, and plain ol’ peppermints. If your looking for an organic option, Charleigh’s Cookies has multiple flavors and has an option to automatically ship every month!
  • A Horse Box – A monthly box filled with equine goodies is a gift any equestrian would want!
PicMonkey Collage
SmartPak Deluxe Triple Stitch Halter, Rambo Deluxe Fleece Cooler, Lettia Collection Baker Baby Pad, Hunter Seat Equitation by George H. Morris, Enjoy Yums Carrot Horse Treats

For the equestrian fashionista:

The equestrian world is full of trendy styles that are perfect for the schooling ring and the streets. With a little research, you can find the perfect gift for the fashion-savvy rider and her decked out horse.

PicMonkey Collage1
Aztec Diamond Flight Technical Breeches, Le Fash Bowery City Breech, SmartPak Piper Knee Patch Breech, Annies Equestrienne Original Blue with Dove Grey Breech, Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter Breech in Blue Moon
PicMonkey Collage2
Tailored Sportsman Ice Fil Shirt, Ralph Lauren Polo Cable Knit Sweater, The North Face Vest, Personally Preppy Helmet Monogram, Ecogold Flip Jumper Half Pad

For the competitive equestrian:

These are for the girl who is in the show ring if she isn’t in the schooling ring. While the styles remain traditional and classic, there are always new brands that are emerging and are thoroughly drool-worthy.

  • Show coat – Soft shell is the new wool. The new coats with technical fabrics are washable, wrinkle and water resistant, beautifully fitted, and absolutely necessary in an equestrian’s closet. Luckily, these come in tons of styles and prices. There are custom options from brands like Charles Ancona or Grand Prix, high end options that are sold off-the-rack like the RJ Classics Xtreme Soft Shell coat, and less expensive coats from Horseware Ireland and Equine Couture.
  • Show shirt – These too have changed styles over time and the competitive rider needs to be up to date. New styles show off a quarter-button neck with a snap or magnetic collar, like the Essex Classics Talent shirt and the RJ Classics Sterling Paige shirt. Looking for a high fashion option that can be worn outside the show ring as well? The Le Fash shirts are your best choice.
  • Helmet – There is never enough that can be done to mind one’s melon, and helmets are completely essential to a rider. There are the classic looks, like the new Charles Owen V8 with removable liners for washing and the GPA First Lady which has erupted in the hunter classes, alongside more recent styles, like the extremely well-ventilated Samshield and the rubber and leather shelled Antares.
  • Tall boots – After a while, tall boots can definitely take a beating, so a new pair is always welcome. Like many other things, the price point of boots vary for every buyer. From off-the-shelf boots like the Ariat Heritage or Monaco boots, to custom options from Parlanti, La Mundial, or my personal favorite, Der Dau.
PicMonkey Collage3
Charles Ancona Custom Show Coat, Le Fash Optic While Twill Tuxedo Open Placket Shirt, Samshield Premium Helmet, Ariat Monaco Field Boots

When all else fails:

  • A horse
  • A gift card



P.S. – Still stuck on ideas? Check out these other great gift guides for more holiday shopping inspiration!

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7 thoughts on “Equestrian Holiday Gift Guide 2014

  1. I haven’t seen the Horse Box before. Those are fantastic! (kind of like the monthly beauty subscriptions…). I could definitely go for a soft shell show coat, a new helmet, a horse….Ya know, keep it simple this year 😉


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