July #HeelsDownChallenge: Riding Dreams

New month, new challenge! Heels Down Magazine introduced the #HeelsDownChallenge to go along with the monthly digital magazine. The challenge consists of a new topic each month that readers can write or make a video about, post on social media with the hashtag “#heelsdownchallenge”, and tag their friends to do the same.

This month’s issue of Heels Down Magazine is centered around the North American Junior and Young Rider Champions in honor of the competition next week! That sparked the theme for this months challenge; “What is your biggest riding dream or goal?”


My biggest riding goal is a small one that will eventually grow; I want to show competitively in the 3’+ amateur classes. For me this is a huge feat as the large fences scare the crud out of me (see May #HDC).

I have been working on this goal very slowly but surely and some progress has been made. There is a small Martha’s Vineyard show tomorrow that I have decided to enter to step up to the 2’9″. Be sure to check out the HDM snapchat (heelsdownmag) for updates as I snap throughout the day! Here goes nothing!


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