Valentine’s SmartPak Haul 2016

Once again, my inner shop-a-holic won over this Valentine’s weekend and I found myself at the SmartPak Dot Sale. I went for my first time last year and hadn’t had a chance to catch any of their sales since, so I was itching to get my hands on some deals. Armed with an early Valentine’s Day gift from my boyfriend and a short list of things I needed, we were off.

Back On Track Fleece Blanket


This was a giant WANT on my list for a long time, but I was struggling with the thought of paying full price. I had seen a few in the attic for 25% off the past few times but still couldn’t commit, thankfully the dot changed moved them down to 50% off and I bit the bullet. While Ax has little wear and tear on him, he isn’t a spring chicken and I am to stay on the preventative side of things. A little ceramic therapy to help his muscles before and after rides is only going to help.

Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter Breeches in Mushroom

16227_Mushroom_SiloIt is no secret that TS are my favorite and basically the only breeches that I wear, but I don’t love the price tag. These were 50% off, making them a little easier on my wounded wallet and much prettier in my closet.

Arc De Triomphe Premium Halter

This was a last minute find and I am so glad I found it. The new barn that I am at has a rule that the horses must have halters on during turnout (in place by the land owner, it has something to do that they have a stallion on property). I bought Ax a leather halter at this sale last year and had been using that, but because he plays some intense “halter tag” during turnout and I didn’t want his only nice halter to get destroyed, I put it aside and threw his nylon breakaway halter back on. I wasn’t really looking for another halter but I found a decent one and grabbed it just in case. Right before I went to check out,  I went back to the attic to put back a pair of breeches and found this beauty back on the rack for a huge 75% off. Back went the other halter and this one came home with me.

MDC Hunter Classic Stirrup


When I wrote the post about my hated jointed stirrups, I received many suggestions to try wide tread stirrups instead. I’d been keeping my eye out for a pair, but hadn’t found a decent pair for a good price until the sale where I found these for 75% off.

Stretchies Full Sheet


I have a few blankets that are half fabric underneath and they stick to Ax’s coat, causing rubs and pressure on his withers. I usually use a shoulder guard, but that still doesn’t stop the blanket from getting stuck in one spot. I picked this up in hopes of adding a slippery layer under those blankets and relieving some of the rubs.

Ogilvy Dressage Memory Foam Half Pad


Technically I didn’t buy this—my mom did—but I found it for her. She has my old brown jumper half pad and had made comments about wanting a white dressage one since she does ride dressage and not hunter/jumper. I spotted this one for 50% off, snagged it, and called her immediately to see if she wanted it. What a good daughter I am. (PS – I have a blue jumper half pad for sale.)

While I didn’t get as many amazing deals as last year, I saved $658 which is a huge 60.53%! Another successful sale in the books.


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9 thoughts on “Valentine’s SmartPak Haul 2016

  1. oooooh nice snags!! i want a BoT sheet so badly (specifically the mesh sheet…) but just have not been able to bite the bullet…. maybe one day? hope you love yours!


  2. I wish I had a SmartPak nearby to take advantage of sales like that! I also want to go to a Dover store. I rarely buy from either of them
    Online anymore due to the expensive or slow shipping. Love all BoT!

    Bit Of Britain has 20% off BoT items!


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