Favorite Things | Fall 2016

My first fall favorite would be the season itself. If there was a place in the world that had cool temperatures and turning leaves for 365 days a year, I would live there for the rest of my life. This year, at least in New England, the fall seems to be fleeting, so I couldn’t help but compile a list of my favorite things this season (horsey and not) as I attempt to hold on to every last red- and orange-leafed tree between my horse’s ears.



Tailored Sportsman Black Forest Breeches

After eyeballing these stunners since they were first released, I finally purchased the Tailored Sportsman Tan Patch Trophy Hunters in the hunter green color. I wear these to work, I wear these to the barn, I wear these to run errands in—I am in love. We already know that I love the quality and fit of Tailoreds, so there isn’t much to say there, but the color is just perfect for this time of year and makes those dark, post-work rides a little brighter.

Nike Dri-FIT Half Zip Top

Quarter-zips are kinda my favorite things on the planet and this one is no exception. Equestrian brand tops are great, but I almost always find that sport tops work just as well, if not better, for a lower price. This top is thin enough to not add any bulk while still keeping me warm. I just throw a vest over it with a scarf and my #ROOTD is done.



The Vineyard Equestrian Beanie

What better way to cover up helmet hair than with a cozy beanie? Aside from the fact that I am an avid TVE supporter, this beanie is super cute and pony-approved. The neutral colors means that it goes with just about anything you’re wearing (in or out of the saddle) and it hides my unruly second-day hair like a charm.

Bean Boots

How basic am I? Answer: very. Once I am done riding, I like to change out of my boots and into something a little more comfortable. Normally I would slip on a pair of Sperrys (duh!), but as the temperatures cool off I prefer to keep my toes warmer. I’m a bargain shopper and have the fake version of Bean Boots from Marshall’s, but they look just as cute and keep my feet toasty on those chilly post-work barn nights.


Between breaking my nose after my graceful fall at NH Finals and having it cauterised shortly after, the cold air is not so welcome up my nostrils. In order to be at the barn without feeling like someone shot liquid nitrogen into my face, I’ve resorted to wearing a huge scarf and pulling it up over my nose. It keeps the air I breathe a little warmer and my sinuses a little happier.


Back On Track Polo Wraps

I was the worst polo-wrapper on the planet for so long that even once I was competent I would still stay away from them. I’ve had these polos for a while and finally started using them and am hooked. I hate rolling them and I hate that they take longer to put on then boots, but I love the benefits they have for Ax’s legs.

Baker Irish Knit

This thing dries ponies like no other. Even though Ax is clipped, he still gets sweaty after rides and this is perfect for throwing on to wick it all away. I usually toss a cooler on top to still keep him warm, but the irish knit absorbs all the sweat so I’m not left with a heavy, damp cooler that needs washing.



Rodrigo Figure 8 Bridle

I often go back and forth between bridles, but find that I have more consistently successful rides in my figure-8. Ax seems to like the stability of the bit in his mouth and I’m willing to entertain his pickiness. Now that show season is over, I’ve tucked away my traditional hunter bridle for the most part and have been using this guy because a happy pony is more important that a pretty bridle.

Brussel Sprouts

You’re like, woah, this isn’t horse related. And you’re right, it’s not. But lately when I get home from the barn all I want is a big bowl of sautéed brussel sprouts with some sea salt. Don’t ask me why, but I do.

S’ip by Swell Water Bottle

Its got FOXES on it! I couldn’t resist picking this up at Target. Ax is tough some days and I get thirsty after almost every ride, so having a metal bottle has been so nice—it makes me feel like I am saving some plastic and its adorable. Plus, it keeps my water cold and my much-needed coffee hot enough to warm my soul (which is a tough thing to do).

Happy Fall!


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11 thoughts on “Favorite Things | Fall 2016

  1. If you love brussel sprouts, you should try baking them in the oven with slices of apple and bacon. There is a recipe floating on the internet – it is DELICIOUS.


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