Let’s Go to the Zoo 2.0 | Photography

Let’s be honest, one of the biggest reasons I go to the zoo is to see the buffalo. The last time José and I went to the Roger Williams Park Zoo, the closest zoo with my favorite animal, there was wind chill of -10°. Thankfully, this time we decided to go when it was a reasonable temperature. 

Zoo 006Zoo 007Zoo 127Zoo 134Zoo 166Zoo 079

Most of the animals were sprawled out in their enclosures, napping in the sun and probably as grateful as we were that spring finally decided to show up. The elephants, however, were full of action in their paddock—from reaching their trunks through the rails for grass, playing in the water, and tossing around a massive tire, there was no shortage of entertainment for the large crowd in the area. We watched them for a bit before moving on to the rest of the park.

Zoo 037Zoo 049

One of the last exhibits we stopped at was my favorite—the bison—and we hung around here for longer than José probably would’ve liked. One day I’ll make a trip to see the herds that roam out west, but until then, I am stuck watching from behind a fence. They all look as lazy and lackadaisical about everything as Ax usually does, though I am thankful Ax doesn’t lick his little nostrils like they do.

Zoo 217Zoo 233

Cute animals or not, it was a beautiful day to be outside and it is always fun to bring my camera along with us. And don’t worry, B&BS will be back to regularly scheduled pony-related programming soon!


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