Black and French Blue | Beyond Boat Shoes

Welcome to where I chronicle what I wear that isn’t just this blog’s namesake—we are going beyond boat shoes.

When it comes to riding clothes, neutral shades are my preference—black, white, and grey are my staples and hunter green, navy, and burgundy are my pops. Sure, I’ll toss in the occasional bright breech or vivid top, but most of the time I stick to the other end of the color spectrum. With that in mind, it is no surprise that the majority of my riding photos include dark, muted tones and that my first fashion-themed post on this blog follows suit.


As evidenced by my short sleeves, this was a toasty day in New England. This plain AE top is far from an equestrian brand, but is super soft and lightweight. I’ve collected a few of these shirts over the years and find them perfect for the barn, the gym, and paired with some jeans and slip ons—plus, they usually run for under $10 when on sale!

After receiving the new Black + Black belt from ACE Equestrian’s Black Collection, I knew that it would easily fit into my closet. I did a full review of these stretchy, comfortable belts recently, but trust me when I say that they are a must-have—I’ve just about completely ditched my leather belt.


With all the black on top I chose my beloved Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunters in french blue as my pop of color. These particular ones are mid-rise and side-zip as per my preference. Even though they hurt my wallet, I’m not sure I’ll ever find a breech that I love as much as these.

Finishing off everything are my everyday go-to pieces that are necessary for mounting-up—Ariat Challenge Contour Field Boots, Charles Owen V8 Helmet, and Roeckl Malta Gloves.


On Ax, you’ll find my trusty Amerigo saddle paired with a black Ogilvy Baby Pad (because matching) and my Equifit ImacTeq Half Pad. For leg protection, he’s wearing a pair of MultiTeq Front Boots and EXP3™ Hind Boots. Topping off his tack is a Rodrigo Pessoa Figure-8 bridle with his favorite Happy Mouth loose ring.


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