Buy All The Swag | WEG Haul

If you read my last post about WEG, you knew this was coming. Really though, if you have read any of this blog, you’d know that I have a slight shopping problem and that this was definitely coming.

WEG Paraphernalia


One of the first things I did upon getting to the Tryon International Equestrian Center was head to the row of vendors in search of the booth full of WEG swag. I had a few people to pick up some goodies for and wanted to beat the spectators that were arriving later in case they ran out of stock (they did).

I think I was expecting a variety of apparel rivaling that of LRK3DE because I was a bit disappointed to see rows of shirts and sweatshirts with just the Tryon 2018 logo on the front or some slight variation—it all felt very bland aside from a few Nike and Barbour outerwear items. In the end, I picked up a few of those generic t-shirts for friends and family, as well as that and a hat for myself.

Media Goodies


A perk of being media is the little goodies and gifts that come with it. I was happy to add the WEG media badge (awful photo and all) to my growing collection that makes me look cooler than I am, and the forever ugly photographer’s bib was fun to take home. The little bag of gifts we all got was mostly random things with sponsors’ logos on them like a wireless phone charger, a card holder for your phone, a few magazines promoting North Carolina tourism, and of course, it wouldn’t be a sponsor gift bag without a show branded travel mug.

Hats on Hats on Hats


Along with the WEG hat I purchased on the opening day, I came home with two more. After melting in the sun and realizing that I forgot to bring a hat the first day of dressage, I practically ran to the SmartPak booth and picked up one in a light, techy material to try to get some shade.

Then on Wednesday, when I met up with Jill from Tucker Tweed, she had a stash of hats in her bag for fellow TT lovers and friends, and I was lucky enough to be one of those. I ended up wearing this for the last two days of I was at WEG because it was so light and comfortable—Nike hats for the win!

EIS Shirt

The last thing I bought was as we were running back to our rental car to catch any plane that would get us home. I’d seen Heels Down post a few shots of EIS’ nod to WEG, a new International Cool Shirt with flags on the collar, on Instagram and had been eyeballing it, so when I spotted it on sale in Equestrian Team Apparel’s booth, I needed it.

After AETA in August, I didn’t have much spending room, but somehow I still managed to buy things I did and didn’t need. But is anyone really that surprised?


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