Sand, Surf, and Some Ponies | Photography

While this year’s beach polo match was almost 30° colder than last year’s, I will never turn down a pony-filled day that also gives me a chance to snap some photos! Abandoning all attempts at dressing “polo-chic,” a group of fellow horse people and I bundled up last Saturday and drove down to Newport, RhodeContinue reading “Sand, Surf, and Some Ponies | Photography”

Millbrook Madness | Photography

Nothing can make you realize how much you love your little baby jumps than going to watch upper-level eventers do their thing. My job took me to New York for the Millbrook Horse Trials this year, and while it wasn’t my first time attending an event where some of the best were competing, I stillContinue reading “Millbrook Madness | Photography”

NAJYRC 2017 | Photography

One of the perks of my job is getting to cover amazing events that I usually only get to watch from my computer screen. I recently attended the show jumping and dressage portions of the North American Junior Young Rider Championships and had a blast watching the talent of riders younger than me jumping fencesContinue reading “NAJYRC 2017 | Photography”

A Non-Horsey Adventure | Photography

I’ll never get tired of seeing rare, exotic animals up close. Opinions on zoos vary greatly, but as an animal-lover, I am all for a facility that supports animal conservation. I don’t mind seeing an endangered animal in a safe location alongside efforts of restoration. Thankfully, all of the zoos we choose to visit participate in some sortContinue reading “A Non-Horsey Adventure | Photography”