Millbrook Madness | Photography

Nothing can make you realize how much you love your little baby jumps than going to watch upper-level eventers do their thing. My job took me to New York for the Millbrook Horse Trials this year, and while it wasn’t my first time attending an event where some of the best were competing, I still got a bit fangirly when I had to casually walk past Phillip Dutton in the stabling area.

Millbrook 041Millbrook 130Millbrook 146Millbrook 337Millbrook 370Millbrook 027Millbrook 048Millbrook 083Millbrook 127Millbrook 173Millbrook 263Millbrook 031Millbrook 053Millbrook 063Millbrook 066Millbrook 072Millbrook 148Millbrook 153Millbrook 188Millbrook 266Millbrook 015Millbrook 022Millbrook 095Millbrook 132Millbrook 209Millbrook 185Millbrook 214Millbrook 245Millbrook 280 (2)Millbrook 246Millbrook 287Millbrook 319Millbrook 329


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