Goodbye, 2017

This blog is not only a place to share things; it is a place for me to document memories, moments, and experiences that I want to keep forever. Each year, as a new one approaches, I take the time to remember all the adventures Ax and I had in the past twelve months. While I am not sad to see 2017 go, it wasn’t too bad of a year.

P.S. You can also see what happened in 2015 and 2016!

JANUARY brought a move from one barn to another other for Ax and I. This may have been my best decision of the entire year, as we couldn’t be happier and Ax couldn’t be in better care.

FEBRUARY was when I decided that it was time for me to begin taking lessons again and boy did I need them! Other than that, I attended beach polo and we braved the rest of the winter.

MARCH consisted of more lessons, a trip to the zoo, and lots of snow (almost 20″ to be exact).

Winter finally went away in APRIL and we were finally able to ride in the outdoor. This was also the month that Ax and I got a little more serious with our jumping as our first show of 2017 was set to be the next month.

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MAY was an eventful month. It brought the first—and unknowingly the last—show of the year. (I’ve blogged about this topic numerous times as it was a tough lesson for me and I am all the better for it.) May was also when Ax managed to slice his mouth open right before I went away for a friend’s bachelorette party in Maine, Angel’s 19th birthday, and we went on a spring hunter pace.

JUNE was when B&BS got to work with Back on Track, a brand I already knew and loved! This was such a fun experience and I was honored to be able to used B&BS to work with a brand that has done so much good for my horse. This is also when Ax and I started to get back on our feet after his mouth disaster interrupted our riding. Outside of riding, I got to travel to Arizona for the first time for the annual American Horse Publications seminar and loved every moment of it.

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☀️Sunshine and Summertime☀️

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Summer was in full blast in JULY and Ax was looking like a beefcake! In between riding, I traveled to New York to cover the North American Junior Young Rider Championships and got to take some of my favorite photographs to date.

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Good thing he's cute. 🤗

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In AUGUST I traveled back to New York for the Millbrook Horse Trials, one of the first bigger eventing competitions I got to cover. I oogled over Boyd Martin the entire time and had a blast. This was also the four-year mark of owning Ax!

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Working hard or hardly working?

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SEPTEMBER brought my 24th birthday and my purchasing of a new car! My beloved truck wasn’t going to make it to winter, so I avoided car shopping all year until a random Saturday when I made a decision I was going to get something that day. Three days later I was driving a new-to-me Jeep home! I also got to attend the American Gold Cup in New York and finally got the chance to photograph some of the equestrians I’ve looked up to for years (and unfortunately can’t share any of the photos).

OCTOBER was very non-horsey. One of my best friends got married in Vermont, José and I went to a Bruins game and a concert in Boston, and Ax and I went on a less than spectacular hunter pace.

NOVEMBER brought nothing but Ax’s mystery lameness, vet bills, Equine Affaire, and Thanksgiving. It is safe to say that I am happy this emotional month was over quickly.

Now, DECEMBER has us still reeling from Ax’s lameness. After six weeks of stall rest and limited turnout, he is back on his regular schedule and remains sound. When he will be back under saddle is still unknown, but we are taking it one step at a time.

Hello, 2018!


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