G’bye, 2018

This blog is not just a place to share things; it is a place for me to document memories, moments, and experiences that I want to keep forever. Each year, as a new one approaches, I take the time to remember all the adventures Ax and I had in the past twelve months. Although 2018 went much better than the previous year, I can’t wait for a new year and a fresh start.

P.S. You can also see what happened in 2015, 2016, and 2017!

In JANUARY, Ax and I kicked the year off with a bang with our first ride since the Mystery Lameness when I hopped on one afternoon, bareback and in a halter, as he walked around like he didn’t just have seven weeks off. We also celebrated Ax’s 18th birthday, and started weekly walking-only rides.

FEBRUARY was pretty low key with the biggest excitement being that we got clearance to start trotting, which was short lived when Ax got a lovely slice on his hind leg that put him out for almost three weeks.

MARCH brought our first venture back to the outdoor and the beginning of cantering again. This is also when we began treating him for ulcers, which would ultimately make a huge difference in his attitude in the coming months. The last things this month brought was my “A” tattoo in honor of both my horses, Axcent and Angel, and that I (thankfully) still love, and my first cover photo at work.

APRIL was a fun one! I purchased a new camera lens in preparation for the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event, which had me totally star struck the entire time I was there; Ax and I trotted our first teeny cross rail since the Mystery Lameness, and we didn’t die; and B&BS got to work with my favorite glove brand, Roeckl.

In MAY, I snagged another cover at work while Ax and I ventured down to the barn’s little jump field for the first time in the year and continued rehabbing.

JUNE put a bit of a halt to our rehab routine as Ax’s arthritis began to rear its ugly head and we took a bit to figure out the appropriate plan of action. Thankfully, it was easy to give him some time off as event coverage for work was just starting to ramp up.

JULY was nothing but hot. Summer was here in full force just in time for Ax to be sound again and for me to be busy photographing horse shows for work.

AUGUST was probably my busiest month of the year. I went from covering a FEI championship in New York to a trade show in Pennsylvania to a grand prix in Massachusetts and then to an equitation final in Rhode Island, all while still trying to keep up with Ax’s rehabbing and stay sane. August was also when I decided to delve into portraiture and really take my photography seriously, creating Terise M. Cole Photography.

SEPTEMBER brought my 25th birthday and the biggest event I’ve yet to photography with top-notch riders, the World Equestrian Games. We may have almost not made it home due to a hurricane, but it was amazing nonetheless.

My photography grew in OCTOBER as I booked a few more sessions and delivered some of my favorite images. Sadly, this was also the month that we lost my mom’s mare due to sudden liver complications. For Ax, we got orders from the vet to incorporate more pole work into our rides, so we began suffering through some stifle strengthening exercises.

NOVEMBER included the final trade show of the year at work, more portrait sessions, and a whole lot of Christmas shopping.

And that brings us to DECEMBER, which has been a lot of hating how dark it is when I leave work, riding in the indoor, and holiday parties.

2019, we are ready for ya!


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