NHHJA Summer Festival | Photography

The last post on this blog about NHHJA’s annual Summer Festival was a recap of my favorite show of the year. This year, with a semi-retired-ish horse at home and an overall lack of showing funds, my only job at the show was to support the riders I knew and hopefully get some good photos.


I headed to the show for the final two days, mostly because those days included the show’s four derby classes. Thankfully the weeks hot, humid weather had been broken by a day of storms which made for a perfect taking-pictures-for-hours-upon-hours kind of weekend.


I had a few people specifically ask for photos and a few classes that I knew I wanted to capture, but it was so nice to take photos for myself, not for work. While my job’s photography adventures take me to incredible shows with the most amazing riders, shooting for fun—or just for a few friends—is so much more relaxing and gives me a chance to actually watch some of the class.


Normal blogging will resume shortly, but until then, there are a few more photography posts coming your way!


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