Myst Equine Products Dry Shampoo | Product Review

With brutal New England weather that prevents bathing for half of the year, a good dry shampoo is a must-have in my tack trunk and this one from Myst fit right in.

I was first introduced to Myst Equine Products through fellow bloggers and later got to meet with the ladies behind the brand at a trade show. It didn’t take much selling for me to leave with the first thing that caught my eye—the Dry Shampoo. Described on the Myst website as a remover of “stains, dust, and hard to clean spots, all while adding luster and shine” and told that I would magically start to see dapples, I couldn’t wait to put it to the test on a very dirty and hairy Ax.

Though not technically dry because the product is made with a combination of natural oils (read: no silicone!), it acts just like a dry shampoo-coat conditioner hybrid. As with most natural coat sprays, a good shake is required before spraying since the oils separate. From there, you spray away and follow it up with a brush or towel. After trying both methods, I found that I prefer to finish with a rub down with a clean towel. 

Upon the first use, I definitely noticed that Ax’s winter coat, which can look dull and dander-y even with thorough brushing, looked clean and shiny—it seemed to take off the first few layers of dust right away without leaving a residue. I was pleasantly surprised to find him still looking pretty dander-free when I pulled his blanket off again two days later.

The real magic was when it was time for Ax’s first clip in the colder weather. His winter coat come in full force and it was much too chilly to bathe, forcing me to commit the cardinal sin of clipping a dirty horse. Not only did his hair come off like he had been recently shampooed, but underneath was a dappled horse I’d never seen before. 

As a note, Ax isn’t a dappley guy. Shiny with a healthy coat as a result of good nutrition and grooming? Absolutely. But his history of dappling includes a small handful on the top of his bum and shoulders that show up after a clip at the peak of summer and disappear within a week—try as I might, no amount of elbow grease or diet changes over the years have changed that. Now, Ax has been clipped for a month and is even more dappled than when he started. I don’t know what magic is in that bottle of dry shampoo, but it has made my horse beautifully dappled.

At $24 for a 32oz bottle that is quite large, there is no question that this product is worth the price—I even picked up a few extras for holiday gifts. The only con I found to the product was laughable: I think the 32oz bottle is a bit too big. I had to shuffle a few things around in my tack trunk to make it fit, and I would’ve loved a smaller size to try out before committing to the large size.

Overall, I am kind of in love with Myst’s Dry Shampoo. It really made Ax’s coat bloom with continued use; keeps him dust- and dander-free without leaving a slippery, gross residue; and won’t hurt my wallet when I repurchase, which I absolutely will be doing.


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4 thoughts on “Myst Equine Products Dry Shampoo | Product Review

  1. How did it work before your horse was clipped? The demo horse in their video was clipped, but I’m interested in it for helping keep my unclipped horse looking a little bit cleaner, especially her legs


    1. I used it a few weeks before and a few weeks after he was clipped! Ax was never stained or super muddy, so I can’t attest to that aspect of it, but it definitely got that dust and dirt that most unclipped horses have in winter off.


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