Fall 2018 | Favorite Things

It feels like fall lasted for all of a week in New England this year—it was a humid 80° one day and then snowing in the same week. Sadly for this autumn-lover, the warmer clothes for chillier temperatures had to be broken out early.

Hadley Breeches in Plum Perfect

First, these breeches are on sale for almost 50% off right now, so go get ’em before they’re gone. Second, we know that I am obsessed with Hadley’s, but the Plum Perfect color is, well, perfect. All of my other breeches took a backseat to these this fall and I’m not mad about it. 

Hadley Vest

In an attempt to not wear my nice The North Face vest to the barn as much, I picked up this vest during one of SmartPak’s sales and am quite impressed with the quality and warmth of it. And at just under $60 with SmartPerk and association discounts, I can’t complain if it gets gross and dirty.

Dreamers and Schemers Boot Socks

I am probably the last equestrian blogger to try out these socks, but now I’m hooked. So far, my favorite is the sushi love design (because SUSHI).

Pole Work

I can admit that while pole work is incredibly beneficial, I definitely don’t do it as much as I should. Ax’s trot is bouncy enough—he doesn’t need poles to make it worse! But, to my dismay, the vet recommended incorporating more trot and canter poles into our riding to help strengthen his hind end. So here we have been…slowly dying inside while doing pole work.

Wahl KM Cordless

I ditched my Andis Two-Speeds for the Wahl KM Cordless clippers early this fall and I haven’t looked back. These things cut my clipping time in half—even though I used a regular width blade instead of my usual wide—and were like running a hot knife through butter, leaving Ax with a beautiful clip. I’ve used them a few more times since the first and they have worked just as well.

Back on Track Fleece Quarter Sheet

With Ax being clipped when it got cold early on, the time to break out the quarter sheets came quickly. I finally added the last Back on Track thing that I wanted but didn’t own to my tack trunk this fall, thanks to my mom, and am in love. I definitely notice that Ax is a little looser in his lower back and pelvis area—two spots that the chiropractor almost always says are out of alignment—from the start of my ride, which definitely makes it worth it to me.

Bean Boots

‘Tis the season for bean boots! It’s no secret that these are my favorite winter shoe, so when José let me have my pick of the closest L.L. Bean for my birthday, I added two more styles to my collection: the 6″ and the 8″ with shearling. The ones I have yet to take off all fall have been the regular 6″ style and I’m sure they’ll stay there until it is cold enough for the shearling-lined ones. 


This photography business thing is start to get real. This fall, I set up an official website, terisemcolephotography.com; added a few more sessions under my belt; and expended my services to offer black background sessions as well as prints and other products. The side hustle lifestyle is in full force.


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