Onward and Upward

Breeches and Boat Shoes, this blog I created in college as a way to keep my family updated on the goings on with the then-new-to-me Ax, has been in my life since September 2013. From intercollegiate competition to summers on Martha’s Vineyard and adulting, this blog’s readers have read it all. But as the yearsContinue reading “Onward and Upward”

A Whirlwind | Ax (and life) Update

How many times can I say “I’m back!” before I become the blogger who cried wolf? Part of being a blogger means having to write around real life things like work and riding or adult things like grocery shopping. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, real life has been pretty busyContinue reading “A Whirlwind | Ax (and life) Update”