This weekend, September 17th and 18th, marks the eighth annual International Helmet Awareness Day (IHAD) coordinated by Riders4Helmets. In celebration of this important message to equestrians, I am re-sharing my story in hopes that we all remember to mind our melons. "You're not a real rider until you've fallen off" is a phrase I've heard … Continue reading IHAD

Owniversary 4.0

I didn't have the typical horse shopping experience when I bought Ax. I wasn't even horse shopping at all—I wasn't looking for a horse, I was just looking to survive finals of my sophomore year of college. No pre-purchase exam, no assessment of his conformation, nothing. Just a short lease and a signed check. Four … Continue reading Owniversary 4.0

Horses, Man.

WARNING—This post has photos that some might consider graphic or just plain gross. If you don't like blood or cuts in horse's mouths, don't continue. As horses do, Ax finally blessed me with an unexpected vet bill. After a few days off post-hunter pace and visits mostly to groom and wrap his legs, I got to the barn … Continue reading Horses, Man.