Wowed at WEG

You know those moments when you pause, look around, and realize how lucky you are to be where you are standing? That was me when I found myself leaning against the fence of the dressage arena, camera and media badge in hand, at the Tryon International Equestrian Center as Laura Graves and Verdades passaged their way down the center line and the crowd erupted with cheers. Continue reading “Wowed at WEG”

We’ve Got Lameness and Vet Bills A-Plenty | Ax Update

I think it is time that you all get an update on my beloved buffalo.

This has been the year of maladies for Ax—earlier this year he sliced his mouth open which resulted in some minor stressing, an unexpected (and perfectly timed) vet visit, and some time off, and now we are approaching week four of stall rest due to a mystery lameness that has my vets stumped.

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