2018 Goals

Between traveling for work, an unexpectedly show-free summer, and Ax’s unplanned time off, last year’s resolutions went out the window to the point of it not being worth reviewing them. But I still think it is important to put your goals out there for accountability and to manifest them, so here is what I am hoping to accomplish in 2018…


Ride More

Once Ax is back to work, I’d love to ride 4 days a week. I often let the exhaustion of being busy get in the way of my riding time, and it is beyond frustrating, but when I do ride even though I am tired I almost always feel rejuvenated and happier after.

Keep a Riding Log

I tried to do this last year and the last dated page is February 2, 2017,  so it is safe to say that I failed miserably. I loved looking back at what I did do with him, and it is easy to forget.

Take More Lessons

My last lesson was at the beginning of May 2017. Whether it is on Ax or not, I need to get back into the habit of lessoning regularly.

Go on Another Hunter Pace

Because they are too fun to not keep doing.

Go to at Least One Show

I don’t care if it is just a small, local show. I want to get back in the ring.

Phone 063

Return to Consistent Work

Currently, Ax is on week seven of no work, and I am planning on taking it pretty slow as we start to get under saddle again, so my biggest goal at the moment is to just get him back in consistent work.

Beef Back Up

Ax looked amazing this past summer when he was well-muscled and filled out thanks to being in regular work. I’d love to get him back to that fitness level and to hopefully maintain it (as long as he cuts the crap with injuring himself and needing time off).

Have Patience on Cross-Ties

I’ve been lazy and letting Ax get away with being a bit of a jerk on the cross-ties, so it is time to revisit what it means to stand still during grooming and be patient.



Get a Handle on My Health

Between intestinal problems, headaches, and fatigue, functioning like a normal human is difficult sometimes. I’d love to be able to finally get a handle on what the heck is going wrong, and to stop making excuses to not go to the gym.

Take a Vacation

I’ve been craving a long-weekend vacation for a while now, so José and I have put it on our radar as something we need to do this year.

Move into a New Apartment

José and I have been living in this crappy, shoe box apartment for two years too long.

Phone 293

Blog More

Ideally at least once a week.

Do More Giveaways

It has been a while since I’ve given back to the readers of B&BS, so this is something I really want to do this year.

Here’s to hoping that these don’t all get forgotten like last year’s.


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