Ax’s Holiday Haul

This year, the holiday season was more about Ax than anything, and he made out like a bandit. I’ll include the necessary disclaimer that he is grateful for everything he has and takes none of it for granted, but all he does is keep searching my pockets for treats, so I don’t know if he means it.

Photo Dec 27, 2 17 59 PM

5th Annual Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange

Once again, my Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange gift arrived before mine even was mailed out! I was super curious to see who my gift was from since the postage said it arrived from Canada, and this year my secret santa was Cathryn from Two and a Half Horses! After reading her adorable card, I tore through the box to find a white Shedrow baby pad from Greenhawk, a bag of Nickers horse treats, a S.U.D.S. Espresso Shampoo Bar, a lip balm, and a cute keychain. I’m super excited to own some Greenhawk gear after hearing that it is like Dover for Canada but better, and Ax is going to love the treats! I’ve never heard of S.U.D.S. before, but it seems like a Lush for horses and the shampoo bar (which is what I might be most excited about!) smells amazing—I can’t wait to try it out! Thank you, Cathryn, for the amazing gifts, and thank you, Tracy at The Printable Pony for hosting!


If you saw my post about his mystery lameness, then you know that Ax had a short visit a Tufts this month for some sadly inconclusive diagnostic tests. I’m not so sure that he thought it was a gift, but the price of it said otherwise.

Chiropractic and Acupuncture Appointment

After not finding out much from Ax’s Tufts visits other than that he didn’t have any fractures, the first thing I did was make an appointment for my chiropractor/acupuncturist to come take a look. He has a unique view of things thanks to his knowledge of Chinese Medicine and other practices that is refreshing and would act a bit like a second opinion. After an adjustment and some apparently much-needed acupuncture, Ax is moving much more fluid (and still sound!) and we have a treatment plan of sorts in place for future visits.

Photo Dec 27, 2 27 27 PM

SmartPak Ultimate Turnout Sheet and Hood

This is a blanket that I have been meaning to get for a while and I splurged on it at SmartPak’s Dot Sale the day after Christmas. Ax’s other rain sheet is a cheap one that is losing it’s waterproofing, and I didn’t have a sheet with a neck attachment for layering over other blankets in the rain. My barn owner had been tossing her own horse’s spare hood on him to help keep him extra dry (she is the best!) when the weather was bad, so I figured it was time to invest in my own. Because my only other blankets with hoods are his heavy snowsuits, he is going to get a lot of use out of this.

Back on Track Turnout Sheet

I’ll be honest and admit that I didn’t need this. But I have a shopping problem, a Back on Track addiction, and an insatiable hunger to spoil my horse, so this basically brand new blanket and on sale came home with me. I’m super excited that Ax will be able to get the benefits of Back on Track all day now!

Kensington Signature SuperMesh Medium Weight Turnout

I’ve heard great things about the Kensington blankets, so I was super excited to pick up this medium weight. Ax’s other 180 gram blanket is four years old and on its way out, so I can’t wait to swap it out with this one! Review to come soon!


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