Back On Track Mesh Sheet | Product Review

Back on Track products pop up on this blog more than almost any other products for a reason—they work magic. I recently added the Mesh Sheet to my BOT collection and in a short time it has gotten so much use. I love it so much that I bought my mom one for Mother’s Day!


My main reason for wanting the Mesh Sheet was to have a summer substitute for my beloved Back on Track Fleece Blanket and it did not let me down. This sheet has become my go-to for both prepping for a ride and post-ride recovery. Ax isn’t a spring chicken anymore and as he gets older, he has become more resistant to willingly use all of his muscles right away. A short session in the Mesh Sheet while grooming is enough to keep him supple and comfortable from the start. Our first few laps of hollow, choppy strides are replaced with a happily forward-moving trot.

The true test of this sheet was during our first show this season that happened to be amidst a spring cold spell that would normally lead a freshly body-clipped Ax to be a cranky, bunched-up buffalo. In preparation, he wore the sheet a few hours a day leading up to the event as well as while in his stall at the show and overnight as a liner. While our show didn’t go as planned, he was loose and light after all of his marination, and wore the sheet throughout the following week to be completely recovered and able to go on a six-mile hunter pace just a few days later. If you know anything about how lazy and sensitive Ax is, he usually needs a few days off and a week of light hacking before going back to work because I baby him.

Photo May 03, 8 41 23 PM

One thing that surprised me about the sheet is that it is dual-layered. While the outer layer is a polyester mesh, the holes don’t go through both layers, meaning the underneath layer is really like a super light fabric sheet. So far, I haven’t encountered Ax getting too warm while wearing it no matter the weather, so the fabric is pretty breathable.

I’ve found the fit of the Mesh Sheet to be a sliver on the larger side, though not enough to go down a size. My sheet is Ax’s normal size, a 78″, and it hangs off his haunches ever so slightly. I do wish the sheet features open shoulder darts for better freedom of movement, but seeing as it isn’t for turnout, it is far from a deal-breaker for me.

Photo Jun 18, 8 46 06 PM


Anyone who has used Back on Track products before knows of the amazing benefits of their ceramic therapy and knows that the results are well worth the price tag. At a higher price point, the Back on Track Mesh Sheet is an investment into your horse’s comfort, but a worthwhile one and one that I am more than willing to make for my beloved buffalo.


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