Filler Fun

I love a good blog hop to stray from my typical posts and add some filler. Plus, they support my fellow bloggers and let my readers know a bit more about me. This hop originates from Rocking E Cowgirl who happened to be my blogger gift exchange recipient and who I pretty recently started reading—check her out!


What is your earliest, clearest horse memory?

I’m not sure if it is my earliest memory, but my clearest from my first few years of riding is aboard a big Appendix Quarter Horse gelding named Ziggy. I was lessoning in the outdoor and little walk-trotting me rode by my mom and promptly stuck my tongue out at her because I didn’t like my new instructor or the horse I was stuck on. What a brat.

At the time, Ziggy, who was losing sight in one eye, was far from my favorite horse at the barn. I eventually learned to love the huge chestnut beast who kept me riding after a nasty fall and stayed with said instructor until we left that barn.

Describe the perfect summer day.

Sunny and 75°.

Are you reading anything right now? Tell me about it!

I recently finished Austin Bell’s Horse Show Boyfriend while traveling for a business trip. A review on this is coming, but long story short, it is hilariously truthful and a read for anyone with a significant other trying to understand our crazy world.

What is your single most biggest horsey dream or goal?

At the moment, my only goal is to get my confidence back while jumping so that Ax and I can do what he loves without any limitations on my part. If the dang horse didn’t love jumping over colored sticks so much I’d give it up and just flat forever.

If you were at Starbucks right now, what would you order?

As if I wasn’t just there this morning? I’m currently jet-lagged after being in Arizona for four days, so this morning’s order was a venti Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew with light cream. Other days I am a grande Caramel Macchiato with coconut milk or venti Passion Tea-Lemonade girl.

What is your biggest equine pet peeve?

People who ride and then jet out of the barn after without fully taking care of their horse. Your horse just carted your butt around for however long you rode, the least you can do is curry off the saddle marks.

With everything going on politically and in the media, tell me, do you follow it religiously? Tune it out? Or something in between?

A non-horse related question! People always look at me like I have five heads when I tell them that I don’t have a political opinion. (Don’t kill me all you politics lovers!) My dad is into a politics a bit, but not much else of my family is, therefore I didn’t really grow up with it around me or have any interest in it.

If you had to show your horse to a song, what would you choose?

“C is for Cookie” by The Cookie Monster because all Ax really cares about are cookies and food.

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Working. One of my favorite things about my job is getting opportunities to cover shows and our lineup of events this summer is a long and exciting one. Since I am basically taking the summer off from showing, I’m looking forward to just relaxing and enjoying my horse.



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