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Seeing as Ax is clipped year-round, it is no surprise that my collection of blankets is overwhelming…to say the least. Seriously, I have so many that I keep a note in my phone with a list of all the blankets, their amount of fill, and where they are stored. That being said, I know I am not the only horse owner with a million and one blankets, so here is my blanket collection—you all can either relate or judge me.


SmartPak Ultimate Turnout Sheet and Neck

This is Ax’s go-to rain sheet. It took me years to purchase a rain sheet with a neck, and I don’t know how I went so long without it, especially with him clipped most of the year. I’ve had this blanket a little over a year and it is still going strong despite the amount that he wears it. Raining? He’s wearing it. A little chilly out? It’s on. Over another blanket as a protective layer? Yup.

Baker Turnout Sheet

This was one of the first blankets I ever got for Ax and it is still in amazing shape. It is pretty and too expensive—therefore I had to buy it. While it was originally his main rain sheet, it is now reserved as a backup (so he can destroy a cheaper one) and for layering on top of other blankets in the winter since it is a hair too big.

Weatherbeeta Genero Turnout Sheet

This was purchased as a “trash blanket,” meaning I wasn’t going to be sad if/when Ax rips it. (Plus I picked it up in a very non-gelding-approved berry-pink plaid color!) I don’t love the cut due to its lack of shoulder darts, but so far it hasn’t caused any rubbing and is going strong three years later.

Rambo Wug Turnout Sheet

This is the newest addition to the list of turnout sheets and hopefully the last for a while since I have four and only one Ax to put them on. I snagged this Rambo from my mom when she was going through blankets to get rid of; I figured I might as well have a high-neck sheet considering how much the medium version gets used and how much I love his Rambo heavy.

Back on Track Turnout Sheet

While this is technically a turnout sheet, I think of it as more of a specialty thing and a bit warmer than a lightweight sheet. Ax mostly wears this as a layer underneath another blanket, but it is pretty durable.


SmartPak Ultimate High Neck Turnout Blanket

One of the newer additions to Ax’s closet, this might be the one he wears the most in winter. Nine times out of ten, this is what he is wearing when I get to the barn and it’s cold out. It fits Ax pretty perfectly, the high neck prevents any rubbing on his giant withers, and the 10-year warranty will be great if when I need it!

Baker Turnout Blanket

You’ll quickly realize that I had have a Baker obsession. This one was actually a gift from José (good boyfriends buy their girlfriend’s pony blankets) and is one of my favorites. Except that it is currently residing in one of those space bag things because Ax chewed on the front buckle, breaking it, and I keep forgetting to have it fixed.M

Kensington Signature SuperMesh Medium Weight Turnout Blanket

I was lucky enough to have partner with Kensington last year to review this blanket. While it isn’t my preferred color (it’s BRIGHT), it fits Ax really well and it incredibly durable. If Ax was a big blanket destroyer, this would be an absolute must-have.

WeatherBeeta Freestyle High Neck Turnout Blanket

This was another “steal” from my mom to have as a backup to the SmartPak high neck above. It is basically brand new and she was getting rid of it, so I snagged it.


Weatherbeeta Detach-A-Neck Heavyweight

AKA, The Snowsuit. I’ll be honest, I don’t remember what style of Weatherbeeta this is. It was a Christmas gift from my mom a few years ago and is Ax’s go-to winter heavy blanket. The neck is just slightly too long for his short neck, so his ears get stuck inside and he looks like a goof, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

Rambo Vari-Layer Supreme Turnout Blanket

AKA, The Extreme Snowsuit. Ax in this blanket is what I imagine being wrapped up like a warm burrito would be like. It fits like it was custom made for him and is his “holy sh*t it’s cold out” blanket. It’s no secret that Rambo makes amazing blankets, so if you live where it gets super cold, this 450g is a worthwhile splurge.


Baker Original Blanket and Baker Original Sheet

Ahh, the classics. I love the blanket most and always use it at spring/fall shows or for overnight layering. The heavy fabric is super warm, durable, and the whole thing is just really pretty. Growing up, this was a blanket I always wanted for my pony and when we got one, I was only allowed to use it on special occasions. Now, it was one of the first blankets I got when I purchased Ax and I still have to tell myself to save it for special uses.

Of course I had to round out the Baker obsession with the light stable sheet! This was a mis-monogramed sale purchase, so it has “Patriot” embroidered on the side, but Ax doesn’t care.

Weatherbeeta Stable Blanket

I honestly don’t know where this came from, but it is great for layering in the winter. Unfortunately, the lining isn’t a slippery material and rubs or “catches” on his coat without a layer underneath, but it is definitely good to have just in case.

Tuffrider Thermo Manager Stable Blanket

I have yet to use this. My mom picked one at Equine Affaire a few years ago and I snagged the free baby pad that came made out of the same material and ended up really liking it. Supposedly it can be used as a cooler and a stable sheet.


Back on Track Mesh Sheet, Fleece Blanket, and Fleece Exercise Sheet

If you’ve ever read this blog then you know that I love BOT products. They do wondrous things for Ax and are 100% worth the splurge. I wrote a more in depth review on the mesh sheet, so go check it out!

The fleece blanket was the first Back on Track blanket I ever purchased. It is basically the fleece version of the mesh sheet and is in constant use in the winter.

The exercise sheet was the final blanket that my mom gave me during her purge; I had been planning on purchasing one for a while, especially now that Ax’s arthritis isn’t afraid to show itself, and was thrilled to be gifted one. I use this thing basically every day in the winter, so it’s worth it.

Rambo Deluxe Fleece and Fleece Competition Sheet

(AKA, the Rambo Newmarket Cooler and the Rambo Newmarket Quarter Sheet)
I am fully obsessed with both of these cooler. They are super nice quality, made with a nice heavy fleece, and just look beautiful. The cooler is my favorite for tossing on after a chilly ride or on cold show morning—and I have definitely used it as a human blanket a time or two.

Baker Irish Weave Anti-Sweat

Part of my very first EJ paycheck went to this beauty. I didn’t own an irish knit for the longest time and now I use this all the time. Ax is a sweat hog and he gets bathed often, so this has been super duper handy.

Turtleneck Rain Cover

If you’ve ever shown in the rain, you needed this. It’s basically a head-to-tail rain sheet (not for turnout) that’s roomy enough for all your tack to fit underneath. I mostly use it when it is raining and I am walking Ax down to the indoor.

Dover Saddlery Scrim Sheet

Basically everyone who shows has a scrim sheet. I picked it up super cheap and, obviously, use it to keep Ax clean while waiting around at a show.

Stretchies Shoulder Guard, Hood, and Full Sheet

I grouped these three together because they are basically all the same thing but in different levels of coverage. I use the shoulder guard the most to prevent rubs in the winter, the hood to keeps braids in and keep him clean at shows, and the full sheet as an extra layer (because it fits so close to the body, it is super warm) and to prevent rubbing.


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3 thoughts on “Blanket Collection

  1. I didn’t own a single blanket for Sydney for quite some time, then we moved to a barn that was heated in the winter and she stopped growing a winter coat. Then for a long time I only had the BoT turnout. I also felt that it was a bit warmer and was somewhere between a light and medium even without fill. Last year was the first year that I actually owned a medium weight after my current BO shamed me about turning my horse out in single digits with just her BoT turnout, LOL! This year I upgraded to a super fancy Horseware turnout, and I would say the features on them are definitively worth the price. Maybe I should post a review.


  2. I bought Alia a year ago, and so far have purchased the following.
    2 fly sheets (they look like horsey lingerie) with matching neck covers and masks
    2 rain sheets – one with light fill, one with no fill
    Light blanket (waterproof)
    Medium blanket (waterproof with neck cover)
    Super heavy blanket (waterproof with neck cover)
    BoT cooler
    Quarter sheet
    Fleece which can be for light layer, or underneath a blanket

    And I’ve had several of them embroidered with her name, because. Right? Don’t even get me started on saddle pads!


  3. And oh yeah, the shoulder guards. Don’t be silly, of course she has them! She’s gray! She’s a mare! She’s sensitive and everything must be correct. 😀


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