We are the Champions

BCET set out for our first show bright and early at 5:30. Our bus full of sleepy riders was heading to our first IHSA show of the season hosted by Johnson and Wales University in Rehoboth, MA. 

Our first exciting moment of the day was getting a Becker bus. In the past, we had a much smaller team, so our way of transportation to shows was a tiny Worcester Airport shuttle. This year’s team of 31 riders was not about to fit on a tiny bus. We piled onto our big bus and off we went. A hot chocolate, bagel, and Gronk stop at Dunkin Donuts was our only stop during the hour drive to what I hoped would be a successful day.

A little Gronk loving to start the day.

 With a limit of one rider per class, BCET had riders in seven out of then nine classes. Our riders finished with firsts in Advanced Walk Trot Canter and Walk Trot, seconds in Intermediate Fences, Novice Fences, Open Flat, and Novice Flat, and I placed third in Intermediate Flat. That left us with 38 points for our team.

After an unusually short show day, BCET packed up our stuff and as we were getting ready to head for our fancy bus…

Third in my first Intermediate Flat class ever!

WEEEEEEEE ARE THE CHAAAAAMPIONS… This is what was running through my head yesterday afternoon when the Becker College Equestrian Team was named the High Point College at our first Intercollegiate Horse Show Association show of the year. For the first time in over five years, BCET took home the most points out of all the colleges who attended the show.


 Our first show ended up being amazing and I could not be more proud to be a teammate and captain of such a great group of riders with amazing coaches! CONGRATS, BCET!


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