Show Backpack Essentials: IHSA Edition

I never used one of those extra-expensive “helmet backpacks” for horse shows until I became captain of my college’s IHSA team. I didn’t ever feel like I needed an extra bag of stuff to carry around with me. Flash forward to now and I can’t go anywhere at the show without it.  So, in honor of officially finishing my IHSA career, I decided to channel my inner guru and go over what is in my horse show backpack for intercollegiate shows! Continue reading “Show Backpack Essentials: IHSA Edition”


The Becker College Equestrian Team woke up on Saturday, March 29th for what could have been the last Intercollegiate Horse Show Association show of the 2013-2014 season, Regional Finals. This is the one horse show that Intercollegiate equestrians spend the entire year showing and earning points to qualify for. This year BCET had ten riders who earned enough points to qualify for 2014 IHSA Zone 1, Region 1 Finals at Claddagh Farm in Tiverton, RI. Continue reading “Regionals!”

Next Stop…Regionals!

Last Saturday was BCET’s last regular show of the 2013-2014 IHSA season. This show was back in Connecticut for the regionally hosted show, meaning that all the teams would contribute and help the show run smoothly. Becker was designated to help hold horses for the day, not a hard job for a horse-crazy team. Because this was a show put on by the region and not just one school, it allowed for a large limit of riders who could show per team. This was great news for Becker, as we ended up with a rider in almost every class! It also gave a few of our riders a chance to ride in their new division and prepare for Regionals next weekend! Continue reading “Next Stop…Regionals!”

Double Header – Part Two

When my alarm went off for day two of BCET’s sleep deprived weekend the only thing I wanted to do was stay in my burrito roll of blankets and fall back into oblivion. If only. Instead, I dragged myself out of bed for another day of exhaustion, cold temperatures, and horse showing. Again, my body switched to cruise control and I somehow made it to the bus fully dressed with all of my stuff for the day. For once I was thankful for the long drive to Johnson and Wales University because it meant another hour of sleep. Continue reading “Double Header – Part Two”