The Inner Monologue of Ax

The Inner Monologue of Ax

Ax is your stereotypical Warmblood gelding—big and dopey. While I often joke that not much goes on in his little brain inside his tiny head, I imagine his thoughts are entirely about food, being lazy, and being distracted by shiny objects. I love him, but he isn’t exactly the sharpest crayon in the box.

Welcome to Ax’s inner monologue.

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Adjustability and Softness: Dee Dee Hopper Clinic

To say that I am easy to teach would be a lie. I always like a second opinion on my horse, but I have also been incredibly picky about who that opinion comes from and I have been this way ever since I was just learning how to ride. I remember being around ten and having to take a lesson from another instructor because mine was on vacation and riding past my mom in the viewing room just to roll my eyes or make a face. So when I like an instructor you know it is the real deal. Continue reading “Adjustability and Softness: Dee Dee Hopper Clinic”