Riding Recap: 2/1 – 2/7

Sunday, February 1st

  • To be honest, I totally could have ridden this day, but I was too lazy. I decided to just lunge him since the 3+ feet of snow in his paddock didn’t allow for much running around.

Monday, February 2nd

  • More snow + giant hill to the barn + two wheel drive = no barn today.

Tuesday, February 3rd

  • Because of unfortunate circumstances, the barn was closed for the night because by the time I got out of class. I don’t think Ax minded another day off.

Wednesday, February 4th

  • I had the chance to ride Ax in my lesson today after Spring semester tryouts. It ended up being a no stirrup flat work session with spontaneous bucking sprees throughout the hour. Aside from him being a little “light in the hind” he was perfect and put up with my sack-of-potatoes/no stirrup self.

Thursday, February 5th

  • By the time it stopped snowing and I got to the barn it was too cold to do anything. I quick blanket change was a good as it got.

Friday, February 6th

  • I was feeling the burn this day, so naturally the best idea was to ride bareback. It was way too cold to actually school anything, so I just hopped on top of his blankets (bobo and proud!) and did a little walk, trot, canter in both directions.

Saturday, February 7th

  • I went to the barn a little early expecting to beat the snow and to have the barn to be empty except for staff. I was so wrong. The minute I drove away from getting my coffee, the snow started and there were make-up lessons going on in the indoor. It worked to my advantage though since I ended up getting to jump around for the first time in almost a month. He was perfect, as usual, and I ended up with a few clean changes.




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4 thoughts on “Riding Recap: 2/1 – 2/7

  1. seems like you actually got some decent activity in despite the cold nasty weather! and at least bareback and no-stirrups work helps keep ya warm!! lol


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