Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2015

Think pink, red, and all things heart shaped. This is for all the boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends, and parents out there who are stuck on what to get their favorite equestrian for the holiday of looooove. Here are fourteen things you could get your loved one on February 14th!



For the Equestrian

It is difficult to find breeches in Valentine’s Day inspired colors but I know of three brands that have got you covered. The Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter Breeches in Redwood came out in 2014 and took the equestrian world for a whirl by bringing back George Morris’ infamous rust breeches, but in a more modern style. SmartPak debuted their own Piper Breeches in Merlot around the same time, and only upped the infiltration of red-toned breeches into equestrian style. And we can’t forget Annie’s Equestrienne Apparel who are known for their color full-seats and their new Papaya breeches don’t disappoint.

Equi In Style released their new Cool Shirt colors for Spring 2015 and feast your eyes on the Cherry Breeze. The color is gorgeous and it has SPF protection. Another shirt that I have heard nothing but great things about is the Asmar Equestrian Long Sleeve Tee in Hot Pink of course! Even though it is long sleeved, this is a shirt that can be worn year round. Who said every day couldn’t be Valentine’s Day?

An equestrian must have the correct to accessories go with those rose-toned outfits! Enter the Equestri Lifestyle Spur Belt in Berry, Hot Pink, or Light Patent Pink and the My Barn Child 18k Rose Gold Pink Pearls. The belts are wide enough to fit in the 2″ belt loops of modern breeches and the earrings drop dead gorgeous.

Looking for something a little more floral without the hassle of pricking your finger on roses? Check out The Herbal Horse and their organic, all natural, 100% pure products. Both the Organic Solid Perfume and the Organic Whipped Magic Body Butter come in a scent called “flora” which is described as a “sweet, bountiful, rich blooms including Bulgarian rose and jasmine”. I can only imagine.

For the Equine

I have talked about the ECOGOLD Flip Half Pad in Ruby Red before because I have one! This pad is amazing and you once you pick a color for the other side, you end up with two pads in one!

Whether your horse is spooky or not, the Silly Sounds Ear Poms in Hot to Trot or Bubble Gum Pink are super cute. Once put in, they peek through just enough to show a little pop of color from your pony’s ears. Fun and functional!

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, well the same can be said for a horse. If you’re looking for heart-shaped treats for your equine friend, check out Enjoy Yums horse treats or Snaks 5th Avenchew Stride Bites! Both are perfect bite-sized hearts that are sure to make your horse happy this Valentine’s Day.

For the Canine

I don’t have a dog but I couldn’t resist including this adorable Valentine Collar from The Pampered Equine!

For when all else fails

Go with the classic flowers, chocolates, and giant teddy bear.

I love ECOGOLDs February advertising!
I love ECOGOLDs February advertising!

Remember, Valentine’s Day isn’t about the gifts. It is about the love we give and receive all year round from our special someone, whether that be a human or a horse.


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