Round Five

I think by now, it goes without saying that, without the exception of last weekend, getting up early for horse shows are not my favorite thing. I love horse showing, just not the waking up early part. Unfortunately they go hand-in-hand, so once again I was up early Saturday morning for round five of BCET’s fall IHSA season. This time we were showing at the University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth’s equestrian center at Claddagh Farm.

Our day began unseasonably warm, and I was not about to question it. The over fences portion of the show began rough, but flew by and we were on flat classes before noon. I drew a cute, young, “bay” mare named Citrine. I write bay with quotation marks because, although she has no markings classifying her as a dun or buckskin, she is nearly there. I was hoping her unique coloring would, again, help me stand out in a positive way. Two of our Open level riders had ridden Citrine at a previous show and I knew how she went, so I was excited to finally get a good draw. The minute I mounted, I realized that this mare was ready to go and the spurs that were supplied for her were not going to be needed much. The class was called to order and off we went. This little mare was much more responsive than I expected, despite her energy. With a little leg, she lifted her back and rode into the bridle. Her trot was nice and loft and she seemed to generate her own motor when we cantered. By the time they asked a change of direction, I was feeling really great about my ride. I must have thought too soon because once we reversed, the first thing Citrine did was run through my inside leg and sidle her way towards the center of the ring. Thankfully, this judge was had a habit of focusing on one side of the ring and he didn’t see our little episode, and other than that I thought I rode well. I guess the judge didn’t agree because I received a fifth place. Oh well, it happens to the best of us.



By the end of the day, Becker College ended up sixth out of all the teams. Not our best, but we still have two more shows to step it up. Next week we travel to Connecticut for the University of Rhode Island equestrian team’s show. Wish us luck!



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