Regionals Here I Come!

If I could sum up last weekend’s show in one word, it would have to be bittersweet…


BCET set out for our last show of the fall season last Saturday at Mystic Valley. I think you all get the gist of how we start out these show mornings, piling on the bus and heading to Dunkins, and last weekend was no different. After devouring my pumpkin bagel (getting up early can leave a girl ravenous) and clutching my Christmas in a cup (I mean…peppermint mocha) I found myself struggling to fall back asleep. That should have been my first sign of a weird day.


We arrived at the show to have our corner spot taken (again!) but the spot next to it was still open, so we weren’t as squished as the weekend before. The show was going to be run in the same order as before, with the upper levels first, followed by the lower levels, This meant that I would be flatting and then jumping, again.


The horse I drew for flat, Altani, was a large bay gelding that I had seen go numerous times the weekend before. A few of our riders were also riding him before me that day, so I knew what to expect. At least I thought I did. For a lofty warmblood, Altani was surprisingly smooth at the trot which made sit trot much more bearable than normal. But his canter was not as pleasant. He turned out be very heavy on his forehand and pulled my out of the saddle every stride. With that being the only downfall of our class, I still felt good about my ride. Like usual, I was wrong and placed sixth.




I finally drew a horse for over fences and not a little pony. Tresor was another bay gelding, though on the smaller side compared to my over fences draw from the weekend before. He was a pretty comfortable, straight forward ride. Our course went well except for one long distance to our last fence that jostled me a bit. Again, I felt good about my ride and I guess this time I was right. I placed second, which gave me the four points I needed to point out up into Intermediate Fences and qualify for Regionals in the spring.


This is where the word “bittersweet” comes in. I am excited to be going to Regionals for one of my classes, but I would have preferred it to be flat, not fences. Each time a rider points out of a class after accumulating the requisite amount points, they are bumped up into the next level. I will now be showing in the same level as my flat, Intermediate. This means higher fences, harder horses, and more competition. Those aren’t exactly three things that a timid over fences rider wants to hear. As much as I am excited, I am nervous. At least I have all winter break to mentally and physically prepare myself.



Bring on the no stirrups and Regionals!


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