Sharing is Caring

Back to school. The three words most students dread after a nice break from the prison we are stuck in five days a week. But not me. I have been back at school for a few weeks now. Horseless. Right now, back to school means my Prince is making the trip for his second semester at college. But this trip has a bit of a different schedule than last semester because Ax is getting a second mommy for the next three months!

Back to school!
Back to Becker!

Between classes for my major and minor, my job as a resident assistant, being a captain on Becker’s IHSA team, AND having my own horse at school, saying I was stressed last semester would be an understatement. This left me with a tough choice; half-lease my horse, quit the team, or leave my horse at home. I was not about to give up my spot on the team that I worked two years to earn, and no one could have paid me enough to have me even consider leaving my Prince in another state. That left me with the only other option, offer someone a half-lease on Ax.

Now, if you are a horse person, you understand how hard this can be. Axcent may be a 1,500 pound animal, but he is forever my baby boy. I spoil him rotten (I am pretty sure he knows it) and the thought of sharing him made me want to tuck him into my back pocket and run away to the middle of nowhere. But in order for me to keep my sanity, something had to give. So out came the contract and a month later the deed was done.


As terrified as I was to share my Prince, I am coming to realize that it is not as bad as I thought it might be. I still get to ride him three days a week and love on him the other days, I have more time to focus on my classes, more time to put towards the little social life that I have (most horse people prefer hanging out at the barn than the mall), a little more cash in my poor college student pockets (all of which will be going towards new presents for the Prince), and I get to share the amazing horse that I call mine with someone else who is going to love him just as much as I do.


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