Product Review: Baker Elite Knee Patch Breech

I recently took a trip to Smartpak and instantly ran up the stairs to the sale section to look for breeches. Among the hangers of Tailored Sportsman breeches and Smartpak’s own styles of breeches, I found a pair of the Baker Elite Knee Patch Breeches in tan. I could barely contain myself. I had seen these breeches on riders for a few years and always yearned for a pair of my own, so when I found a pair that were my size AND on sale, I took it as a sign that I they needed to be in my closet. That was a sign that I could not ignore.

The product description from JPC Equestrian, the company that produces the breeches,  describes the Baker breech as “ fashion forward with accents of the original Baker plaid on the front and back pockets, inside the wide waistband, and the Baker™ logo on the back belt loop.”  They feature ” innovative fabric that combines Coolmax, Microfiber and Lycra” and offer “durability, stretch and comfort.” The last part of the description states that the fabric is “68% Nylon, 12% Viscose, 12% Coolmax™, and 8% Lycra.” The breeches are available from Smartpak in safari or charcoal, but JPC Equestrian also offers them in navy, black, and a white full seat version. 

Photos from Smartpak and JPC Equestrian
Photos from Smartpak and JPC Equestrian

When I put these breeches on the first thing I noticed was the fit. I purchased these breeches in the same size that I wear in Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter breeches, and though they fit perfectly through the calf and thigh, they seemed to fit smaller in the waist by maybe an inch or two. As the day went on, the breeches stretched a bit to fit more comfortably. I also noticed that these breeches ran a bit long, a problem that I don’t often have when buying breeches since I am 5’6″. This was easily fixed by folding the bottom up.

Although there is no claim that these breeches feature a specific rise, they are very true to a classic low rise breech. The photos on Smartpak shows the breeches on a model and they appear to be at a low rise height. I should add that if you have a bit of a “badonkabonk” these breeches do dip down in the back a bit, though not enough to risk giving anyone a show. As a rider who always tucks her shirt in and adds a belt, I had no problems with the low rise. The wider back belt loop with the Baker logo and fabric helped in keeping the breeches up with my belt.

The bottom of the breeches features a sock bottom in place of Velcro ankle closures. As mentioned, I found these breeches to be a bit long due to the sock bottom, so I just folded them up and tucked them into my boots, something I would not have been able to do if they had a Velcro closure. Because the sock bottom is soft and stretchy, they fit comfortably into my boots without bunching even when folded.

The fabric is very light, perfect for summer riding. They have just the right amount of stretch for them to fit comfortably without bagging throughout the day. The pockets on the back of the breeches have the Baker fabric accents and are high enough they they will not rub on your saddle. The front pockets also features the baker breeches and are deep enough to stuff peppermints or your phone into while you ride.

The breeches were easy enough to wash. I just turned them inside out and threw them in the wash. I had heard that they do shrink a bit in the dryer and because they were already a bit snug, I decided to hang them to air dry, though the tag says that they can be tumble dried.

PicMonkey Collage2
Photos from Smartpak

Overall, these breeches are comfortable, cute, and worth the price. The euroseat design along with the Baker accents makes these breeches modern. Though I would suggest picking these up in a size up from what you normally wear, try them on first and see what you think. These breeches are perfect for schooling and are fashionable enough to wear out after the barn (admit it, you do it too).


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